2 Broke Girls, Season 2, Episode 5: And the Pre-Approved Credit Card, Review

Den of Geek's Bobby Bernstein writes the rebuttal review for 2 Broke Girls to Mandi Nowitz's. He's not so impressed.

The show returns after CBS canceled last week’s episode at the last minute because of Hurricane Sandy, which infuriated viewers because CBS had advertised the new episode all week.  In tonight’s episode, Max Black (Kat Dennings) gets a pre-approved credit card in the mail, and her friend, Caroline (Beth Behrs), completes an application for it online.  The ladies are excited to receive the credit card in the mail shortly after. 

Cedric The Entertainer guest starred in tonight’s episode, as Earl’s son.  The girls ruin his shirt, and offer to buy him a new one to replace it.  They take him shopping and buy him a new suit with their new credit card, after realizing he isn’t as funny as he thinks he is. It’s good to see Cedric The Entertainer back in the spotlight–even though he plays a not-so-funny comedian.  And, as a big fan of Cedric’s stand-up comedy, his performance in this show was not up to par either. 

While I understand the show is targeting hardworking women (who are greatly appreciated), the show’s attempt at humor is hollow and the one-liners are clunky.  The show feels way too scripted and the queued crowd laughter that is typical in sitcoms is wayyyyyyyyyyy over-used in this show.  Max or Caroline would say one line, laughter queued, then another line, laughter, then another line, laughter; it was very repetitive and overdone.  The show tries too hard for a laugh and lines feel forced and expected.  The show is a C-, at best, with its overall lukewarm comedy.   This is not the same show viewers mildly enjoyed throughout Season One.  Hopefully, the writers at CBS can somehow revamp the show and give these two actresses a fighting chance, before the show turns into a reality, forcing Kat and Beth to really become two broke girls.