19 Crimes’ Coffin Aged Wine Is A Halloween Treat That Might Actually Be Haunted

19 Crimes debuted the world's first coffin aged wine alongside a new horror short, DIG.

19 Crimes WIne
Images taken by Ollie Jarman. Copyright Ollie Jarman Photo Photo: Copyright Ollie Jarman Photo

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Wine and spirits are a great way to celebrate a Halloween party, but these libations can be an even better seasonal treat when they’ve been exposed to actual spirits and the mysteries of the afterlife. 19 Crimes, UK’s most rebellious wine brand, has distilled their greatest stunt yet with a bold wine that’s spent time underground living amongst the dead in a haunted cemetery. Put your trust in the spookiest sommeliers in the business, 19 Crimes, who have exhumed their coffin aged glow-in-the-dark wine, which just might be haunted.

19 Crimes gleefully indulges in horror mayhem through genre-bending augmented reality experiments and creepy short films that show that they care nearly as much about horror and film as they do about good wine. Their latest short, DIG, should please any horror fan and demonstrates just how scary their glow-in-the-dark wine can be and why it’s the only wine that’s capable of jump scares. Take a peek at DIG below, if you dare that is.

19 Crimes has plenty of options when it comes to spooky wines with glow-in-the-dark labels that give off an eerie, electrifying glow whenever darkness rises. This year they’ve gone the extra mile with a project that’s been years in the making. Years of creepy dedication finally comes to delicious fruition with 19 Crimes’ coffin aged wine, their most unusual wine yet that’s spent 100 years locked in an oak coffin that’s been six feet under at Tower Hamlets Cemetery, a Victorian burial ground with a haunted history. 19 Crimes was sure to properly prepare themselves for the exhuming by having a priest present for this ritual, only to follow up the gesture by offering it to TV exorcist, Ian Lawman, who was left unnerved by the “sinister” experience. 19 Crimes is definitely onto something if a paranormal expert is worried that their wine might be infected by ghosts.

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The adventurous vinophiles who are curious to get a macabre taste of the world’s first coffin aged wine will need to act fast and take advantage of this opportunity since it will only be available for a limited two-day window this Halloween season. Fortunately, those who miss this once-in-a-century wine will still have other ways to put the “boo” in booze. 19 Crimes offers plenty of other glow-in-the-dark Halloween wine labels that can be responsibly enjoyed with friends during the spookiest season of the year or any upcoming Friday the 13th. There are a lot of ways to have fun and celebrate Halloween and 19 Crimes always knows how to push the envelope in unprecedented ways that bring out the excited trick-or-treater in all of this. 19 Crimes’ glow-in-the-dark wines manage to be both a trick and a treat.

19 Crimes
Images taken by Ollie Jarman. Copyright Ollie Jarman Photo

Those who have the guts to give 19 Crimes’ coffin aged glow-in-the-dark wine a chance can do so at the following pubs on Friday, October 27th and Saturday 28th for a free sample that doesn’t require signing away one’s soul:

● Slains Castle, Aberdeen, AB10 1JH

● Caroline of Brunswick, Brighton, BN1 4SB

● Ye Hole in Ye Wall, Liverpool, L2 2AW

● Ten Bells, London, E1 6QQ 

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● Tolbooth Tavern, Edinburgh, EH8 8BN To learn more about 19 Crimes, please visit THE WORLD’S FIRST COFFIN AGED WINE – 19 Crimes GBL and follow them on Facebook at 19 Crimes or on Instagram at @19crimesuk.ie.