12 Monkeys: Resurrection Review

While conflict tore at the group as effectively as the red storms, moments of hope brought this week’s episode to familiar heights.

This 12 Monkeys review contains spoilers.

12 Monkeys Season 2, Episode 11

Considering the fact that timelines can be changed, re-written, and undone in 12 Monkeys, one would think the stakes for death would be lowered, but in “Resurrection,” the losses are no less tragic than if they were permanent. Jones warned everyone that the world would end, and it finally has, making the missions that come next of ultimate importance. But even if the red storm’s destruction can be undone, can the fractured relationships ever be mended after this week’s uprising?

At least Cassie and Cole got their moment at the end in which Cassie admits she no longer wants to be afraid; that at least presents some hope for them as they prepare to tackle the 1957 paradox. But what about the betrayal of Whitley and Adler? What about the damage caused by Ramse and Deacon, who through their anger brought about the prophesied death of Mother Jennifer? Can that be repaired?

Deacon especially came into his own this week as his naked, drunken stupor led to spiteful cooperation with Cole just to piss off  Ramse and Cassie. His murder of one of Whitley’s men was perhaps not surprising, but the shooting of the Daughters’ leader led to his face getting slashed, a circumstance that Jennifer almost seemed to search for in advance of the event. Did Deacon evacuate with the scientists, head to Titan with Ramse, or disintegrate into dust like Jones?

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The back-and-forth of the two opposing missions brought about some interesting consequences and near-misses that added a nice tension to the episode without becoming too frustrating. Cole couldn’t shoot Ramse in the hallway, for example, but he was willing to shoot Adler to prevent their Colorado jump. Cassie put the beat-down on Cole for the aforementioned threat to Adler, yet she worried Ramse might have hurt him when she was rescued from her handcuffs. The sense that this family is fighting but still cares a great deal for one another permeates the conflict.

Less hopeful was the knowledge that September 23, 2044 must have arrived, and Jennifer’s confirmation of her death date did not soften the blow when it came. The resurrection referred to in the episode title brought a surprising twist in the form of young Jennifer providing a compromise which would allow both missions to move forward, but it’s hard not to wonder how she’ll get back to 2016 to bring together the Daughters she now leads. And will their journey be affected or negated by a successful mission in 1957?

Surely 12 Monkeys viewers expect Jones’ death (and perhaps poor Lasky’s — again) to be undone, but can that happen while preserving whatever comes of the assault on Titan? The sheer scale of the dual mission at hand boggles the mind! The set-up for the final two episodes of the season is masterfully done, but it’s easy to imagine a massive cliffhanger to go along with the epic objectives.

The final realizations of several characters were the highlights of this episode. Jennifer’s choice to take on Titan despite the recent (to her anyway) loss of her Hyenas, Cassie’s wordless decision to leave Ramse and have Jones splinter her to 1957, and Hannah’s use of the word “mother” with Jones instead of Jennifer as she says goodbye all created emotional peaks that were lights in the storm of discord this week. Let’s hope those glimmers of hope and reconciliation carry these characters through the dark times ahead.

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12 Monkeys Uncaged Podcast ep. 27 – Resurrection Review

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5 out of 5