12 Monkeys Leading Ladies Tease Season 2

Amanda Schull and Emily Hampshire share some highlights of what viewers can expect in 12 Monkeys Season 2.

A huge part of the success of 12 Monkeys has been its cast, which includes Amanda Schull as the indomitable Dr. Cassandra Railly and Emily Hampshire as the mostly manic Jennifer Goines. As the series heads into season 2, these two lynchpins of the ensemble cast were a perfect source of information to glean some hints about what fans will be able to see in the rapidly approaching premiere and beyond.

The time travelers will visit eras deeper into the past.

Viewers who have seen the promos and teasers for 12 Monkeys season 2 will probably already have noticed that, whereas 1987 was as far back as the first season went, this season will include earlier eras of the 20th century. How these long ago decades will tie in to the plague or some other larger story remains to be seen.

“We really have a great job!” Schull gushed. “We’ve gotten to go to 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s, and the wardrobe alone is so fun to get to experience… accessories, and gloves, and all the different hairstyles.”

The Emerson Hotel, a central setting of season 2, will be seen across the different time periods as well, and Schull shared that the environments made it easy to get into character. “It was almost no acting required,” she said. “I was so immediately immersed in this world.”

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Jennifer Goines will be seen in many different lights.

It’s clear that the character of Jennifer Goines is somehow connected to the big picture that viewers only got a glimpse of in season 1. Whether her insanity springs from a unique view of time or from a genuine mental problem, the reasons for her craziness may become known this year. “We’ll actually see a sane Jennifer this season at one point,” Hampshire promised. “I can’t tell you exactly how that happens or for how long it lasts or why, but that will happen this year.”

“In season 2 there’s a lot of Jennifer finding out that crazy might not be crazy, and she might be a lot more connected to things and stuff that I can’t say,” Hampshire elaborated vaguely.

“Also, there’s a lot more of old Jennifer this season that we touched on last year, but this year she plays a really big part in the show,” added Hampshire. The Jennifer Goines of the 2040’s leads a group known as the Daughters, and it seems the wealth of knowledge Jennifer has gained over the years may become accessible to those in the time travel facility, including Dr. Jones.

In fact, Hampshire promised a meeting between Jennifer and the esteemed Katarina. “We do really get some good stuff this year with people we never worked with last year,” Hampshire said. “Like I have a scene with Jones, so like how would Jennifer Goines and Jones get together? I can’t tell you, but it happens!” A moment to look forward to!

Someone will die without the possibility of revival via time travel.

When time travel is involved characters who die can still be part of the show because of the ability to visit eras in which they still live. This was done in season 1 with both Leland Goines and even Dr. Railly herself. However, Hampshire and Schull indicated that this may not be the case in season 2.

During the November set visit in which they shared their comments, Hampshire explained, “We filmed this scene yesterday of a certain character dying that we’re not allowed to say… but died for reals!” The person in question could be a major or minor character, but whoever he or she is, the character won’t be back afterwards.

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“You can’t help this character,” insisted Schull. “There are a few rules that can’t be broken. Causality definitely has its parameters.” A larger understanding of how time works and what the travelers can do to influence things will no doubt be a big part of 12 Monkeys in season 2.

Dr. Railly will become more hardened and battle-worthy.

Dr. Railly is first and foremost a virologist, but the mission of stopping the plague is evolving into something that may not require this expertise in season 2. “Where Railly ended up last season,” Schull explained, “she was much more aware of the risks and how they needed to be tackled and how to accomplish missions and goals.” With her journey to 2043 in the season 1 finale, however, things are sure to be different.

“This year, she lives in a world where the risks are much more imminent and present,” added Schull, “so she is much more savvy as to how to approach things and she’s taken on a bit of a more physical approach… which has been really fun because I had a prior career as a dancer, so it’s been great to integrate a little more physicality.”

Some surprising guest stars are in store.

“We’ve had a lot of fantastic guest stars this season,” admitted Schull, “some of whom we’re allowed to name and some of whom we’re not.”

Those guest roles already announced include Jay Karnes of The Shield as a 1940’s FBI agent, Brendan Coyle of Downton Abbey as a former Markridge scientist, and Michael Hogan of Battlestar Galactica as a charismatic scientist in the future, working with Dr. Jones. With such recognizable faces already on the roster, others yet to be revealed will be icing on the cake.

The 12 Monkeys season 2 premiere received an early release on Syfy.com and the Syfy Now App. Viewers worldwide will be able to enjoy Amanda Schull and Emily Hampshire, along with the rest of the cast, when the series officially returns to Syfy on April 18 at 9pm ET.

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