X-Men: Deadpool gets his own movie

Ryan Reynolds gets a big blockbuster all to himself, as Deadpool gets added to the X-Men production slate…

Well, that’s Ryan Reynolds never likely to have to work again, for financial reasons. Off the back of the stellar opening weekend for X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which has dropped slightly to $85m now the actual numbers are in, off the back of a heavier than expected fall off on Sunday, which is a worry), Fox is clearly keen to continue to milk the X-Men for every drop of box office gold juice that it can. And as such, it’s put a movie based on Reynolds’ character in the film, Deadpool, into development.

Variety is reporting that Reynolds will reprise the role, although no timescales have been put on the project. We do know that Deadpool is the focus of one of the assorted endings to Wolverine that are attached to the end of some of the prints showing in cinemas now.

The X-Men gravy train has quite a few films bubbling along on it now. There’s Wolverine 2, as we talked about yesterday, along with the young X-Men flick First Class. On top of that, X-Men Origins: Magneto is still in development, too. We suspect that First Class might be the next we see on the big screen, or failing that, Wolverine 2


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