Twitter Tackles Deadpool and X-Men MCU Question with Amazing Results

A viral tweet has Marvel fans finding their own ways to answer the MCU's lingering Deadpool and X-Men integration question.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
Photo: 20th Century Fox / Disney / Marvel

This article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, WandaVision, Hawkeye, and Spider-Man: No Way Home

It all started, as many things do, with a simple Tweet. Twitter user @AlexVsPop came up with a fun way to integrate Deadpool and the X-Men into the MCU now that those characters have come together under the Disney umbrella, and the post was soon doing numbers.

“The X-Men should be introduced to the MCU through Deadpool on a laptop clicking and dragging the X-Men from a folder labeled “20th Century Fox” to a folder labeled “Marvel Studios”, and then we just act as if they’ve been there all along without any explanation or backstory,” he wrote on the social media platform this past weekend.

Enjoying the notion, which naturally seems to track for Deadpool’s meta behavior both in Marvel Comics and in his blockbuster movies, Marvel fans started adding their support. “You’re joking but like I’d 100% support this idea,” one wrote. “A lot of the castings Fox already had were great and those actors deserve another chance.” Another noted that “been here all along” had already worked just fine for the likes of Moon Knight, the Eternals, and Captain Marvel.

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It wasn’t long before the Tweet was going viral, and the idea started expanding in Alex’s replies. “But first he opens the folder and deletes the awful 2015 version of Fantastic Four,” wrote one user. “Make it an end credits scene to a completely unrelated film,” added another, while someone else thought it would be fun if Deadpool accidentally dragged a Predator folder over, and they had to team up to fight it. One joked that the scene should end with Kevin Feige himself walking in. “What are you doing in my office? Get out!”

It’s a question that still lingers in the minds of Marvel fans who are unsure how the MCU might go about incorporating the Fox-Marvel characters going forward: “How exactly is this going to work?” The full picture isn’t yet clear, but the likes of Hawkeye on Disney+ and the recent MCU sequels Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness have suggested some flexibility on the studio’s part when it comes to retaining or recasting established roles.

While Hawkeye quite happily brought back Vincent D’Onofrio as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin, and Spider-Man: No Way Home got Charlie Cox back as Daredevil, WandaVision revealed former X-Men franchise star Evan Peters as a Fake Quicksilver. Meanwhile, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness mixed things up by including Anson Mount as Black Bolt from Inhumans, and Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier from the X-Men franchise, but cast a brand-new version of the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards with A Quiet Place and The Office star John Krasinski.

While we know that Ryan Reynolds will return as Wade Wilson in Deadpool 3 for Marvel Studios over the next few years, we still can’t predict how any of the other Fox-Marvel integrations will shake out in the future, which is probably for the best!