Thomas Ian Nicholas and Tara Reid interview: on American Pie: Reunion

With the UK launch of American Pie: Reunion imminent, here's our interview with stars Thomas Ian Nicholas and Tara Reid...

Recapturing the elusive energy that made a comedy series can’t be easy, not least when there’s the gulf of more than ten years separating the most recent from the first. In the case of American Pie: Reunion, though, it seems that much of the good-natured, often cringe-making humour that illuminated the 1999 American Pie remains – that its original cast is back and on top form is perhaps a reason why this particular Reunion has fared so much better than expected. 

Here, we talk to actors Thomas Ian Nicholas and Tara Reid, who reprise the roles of Kevin and Vicky, about reuniting with the rest of the cast…

Why do you think people are still so interested in these characters?

Tara Reid: I think that people personalised the characters from the very beginning. It started off with the awkwardness of losing your virginity, which most people do. I think over the years it has been about growing up, and people have grown up with us. I think you can really relate to someone in a movie, and the characters in the movie are very relatable.

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Do you think American Pie is very light compared to films being made now?

TR: We’ve never been malicious, even the comedy has a heart to it, and we’ve never hurt anyone or bullied anyone. We make fun of ourselves if anything, and I think that’s what works about our film.

Thomas Ian Nicholas: It’s good, clean, raunchy, sex-comedy, fun.

What was it like getting back together?

TIN: We’ve seen each other off and on over the years, but more on a one on one basis. It’s always been a warm hello, because it’s a great group of people. This was the first time in a long time where we’d all been together in the same room at the same time, and there’s an intangible chemistry we have as a group. In regard to the characters, each person represents a different clique in the high school setting, so we fit into a perfect niche. There’s something that’s so amazing about all of us being together and It wouldn’t be a reunion without all of us.

What ideas did you have for your characters?

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TIN: I think that what Jon and Hayden chose to do with all the characters was really smart and right. There’s not really much I can add in that sense. I don’t know how they managed to create story arcs for a dozen characters, and still wrap them all up nicely at the end. I bow down to the talent that is Jon and Hayden.

Do you feel like comedy has changed, or do you feel like you can still get away with the raunchiness?

TIN: I think you can get away with a lot more. We pushed the envelope really far on the first film, and that’s what we’re known for, so each time we’ve had to go a little farther. Then other films came that followed in our footsteps and almost everything had already been seen. We had to show everything, but our films still have that heart. Tara and I are the straight characters in the comedy crew, and our experiences are more relatable. Most people probably know someone like Stifler, but they’re not relating to them as much as Kevin and Vicky.

Thomas Ian Nicholas and Tara Reid, thank you very much.

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