The Suicide Squad: James Gunn Reveals New Logo

Director James Gunn and the cast of The Suicide Squad, including Margot Robbie, reveal the new happy-go-lucky logo for the film.

Photo: Warner Bros.

James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad is on track to come out on time for its August 2021 release date, and the director has the logo to prove it. Indeed, JaGunn personally unveiled the new logo for Warner Brothers’ loose sequel to Suicide Squad (2016), announcing via Twitter that it was prepared just in time for his birthday.

“TheSuicideSquad team just got me these amazing new official title treatments for my birthday,” James Gunn said. “And the cast and crew and I have so much more to show you guys on Aug. 22 at See you there!”

Additionally, The Suicide Squad cast, including Margot Robbie in her high-pitched Harley Quinn voice, wished Gunn well by doing this small video tribute to the man and logo.

With the bright yellow and red color-scheme, the new design emphasizes the comic book origins of the characters and looks far removed from the neon-coded, and splashy graffiti/tattoo influenced, design of the original Suicide Squad movie logo. Like much else about this sequel, it is distinctively different from the previous film, making the picture appear in some ways almost like a reboot.

Gunn revealing the logo ahead of WB’s DC FanDome event is also timely given the new teaser for the digital fan get-together has had some speculating The Suicide Squad’s version of King Shark is teased for a second in this video (though that looks like a video game character at 0:19 seconds in to me). But perhaps more importantly, it continues to emphasize that plans are moving smoothly on The Suicide Squad.

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Earlier this week, Gunn said as much when he wrote on Twitter, “Nothing about #TheSuicideSquad has changed either. We will be ready for our release on August 6, 2021.”

Indeed, The Suicide Squad completed principal photography on Feb. 28, 2020, weeks before the coronavirus pandemic effectively shut down film production around the world. With the movie in the can, Gunn has remotely begun its post-production process, with the movie on track for a release next summer. Given WB seems to be the studio most committed to meeting their theatrical windows these days with the release of Tenet around the corner, we imagine that is still the plan for this movie as well.

The Suicide Squad is most definitely a sequel to the 2016 film that came before it. This is inescapable with Margot Robbie in particular returning to the role of Harley Quinn. But the movie also Viola Davis features Amanda Waller, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag, and Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang, all reprising their parts from David Ayer’s earlier film. However, Gunn is adamant that his movie is “100%, zero interference, no-holds-barred ME,” and WB seems adamant on emphasizing this is a tonal and aesthetic reimagining from the director of Guardians of the Galaxy. In addition to a new title, the film is introducing new major characters like John Cena as Peacemaker, David Dastmalchian as Polka-Dot Man, Daniela Melchior as Ratcatcher, and Steve Agee as the voice of King Shark.

So expect a different movie that might live up to the gleeful mayhem people thought they were getting the first time around. The film also stars Idris Elba, Alice Braga, Pete Davidson, Nathan Fillion, Michael Rooker, and Taika Waititi in unspecified roles.