The Social Network review round-up

A sneak-peak screening of David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Facebook movie’, The Social Network, has generated some rave reviews. Here’s our round-up…

We’ll be upfront about this: there are few movies right now we’re looking forward to more than The Social Network, the union of writer Aaron Sorkin and director David Fincher in the telling of the story of Facebook. After the initial round of WTF when it was revealed that Fincher and Sorkin were attached to what had become known as ‘the Facebook movie’, interest has continued to increase, aided by a quite brilliant trailer a month or two back.

And now, across the channel, the first few reviews of the film are beginning to trickle through, courtesy of one of the first screenings of the film. It seems that full reviews are under a PR embargo, but the sites concerned have been given the greenlight to share their views on the film. And the consensus? We might just be looking at one of the best films of the year.

Here’s the round-up of what people are saying….

Sydney Morning Herald

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The Social Network represents the very best of both Aaron Sorkin and David Fincher, a combination I never would have expected to see.  Sorkin has always been such a humanist, and Fincher has always seemed to me to be (in the best possible way) an emotional terrorist.  Together, what they’ve crafted is emotionally intense, surprisingly funny, and genuinely significant.  This is an astounding film about one of the most important seismic shifts in communication in the modern age, and the way innovation and ethics are not often related.”


“While some filmmakers have a tough time stringing together a series of interesting scenes, Fincher delivers a captivating film that had me engrossed from beginning to end.”

Cinema Blend

The Social Network outright rejects the tropes of power and money. Instead, Fincher and Sorkin have given us something that we can all understand and relate to: the costs of the desire for acceptance when it mutates into the blind ambition of social climbing”


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The Social Network will define a generation for a generation that couldn’t care less about its generation, but it’s as entertaining as anything you’ll watch all year.”


“It’s a great film not just about the founding of Facebook, not just about living in the modern digital age, but also about the very impetus for creativity. In the end The Social Network is a movie about why we invent things.”

The Social Network arrives on US cinema screens on 1st October, and it turns up in the UK from 15th October.