The Rock 2: Michael Bay Outlines How it Would Have Gone

Michael Bay has been talking about his idea for The Rock 2...

Spoilers for The Rock lie ahead.

Michael Bay’s fifth and apparently final Transformers movie, Transformers: The Last Knight, is now in theaters. But one sequel that he never made was a follow-up to arguably his most liked film, The Rock.

The movie starred Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage of course, with the former helping the latter break into Alcatraz Prison to foil a terrorist plot. At the end of the film, we see Cage’s Stanley Goodspeed in possession of a microfilm, that appears to have major US state secrets on it. A microfilm given to him by Connery’s John Mason.

Bay did have an idea for a follow-up, and in conversation with Slashfilm, he’s been talking about where it could go.

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“The sequel that I have in my mind for this movie is basically after Nic Cage is married to Carla, they drive off,” he explained. “Nic Cage has this microfilm of all this bad government confidential [info], like, who killed JFK? The government comes after Nic Cage with a vengeance. We’re talking out to kill. It turns into more of a thriller. Nic Cage has nowhere to turn, because he’s been stabbed in the back by the government, and they’re after him. Maybe he takes Carla, I’m not sure. Maybe they separate. I’d really like to separate Nic and Carla, and have Nic try to employ the help of Sean Connery. Basically, taking The Rock off exactly where it left off.”

There’s no chance at all of the film happening now, of course. Even if Bay wanted to do it, Sean Connery has long retired from acting, even turning down a chance to return to the Indiana Jones series around a decade ago (maybe The Rock could do it, just to have some fun with the poster?). As it stands, The Rock remains one of the most fun standalone Hollywood action movies of the 1990s. I hope one day that Michael Bay can top it.