The Missing series 2 chronological timeline of events so far

What happened when in The Missing series two? We’ve put together a comprehensive list of key events in chronological order. Spoilers...

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Warning: contains major spoilers. Best avoided until you’ve seen The Missing 2.7

Watching The Missing series two has been head-scratching but rewarding work. Its non-linear, continent-crossing storytelling requires viewers to keep their wits about them. It’s certainly not a show to watch while catching up on the ironing or having one eye on dinner. It demands we pay attention.

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So pay attention we have. To clear up any confusion, we’ve done our nerdy best to record the key events of series two and put them in chronological order below. It’s a best-educated-guess timeline that will be corrected and updated once the finale has aired, and until then, any speculation we’ve dreamt up has been marked as such. A couple of series one events are also included in italics, for context.

Do let us know in the comments what we’ve missed or misunderstood. Together, we can crack this delicious nut!


A photograph is taken of a young Adam Gettrick and his (speculation) sexually abusive uncle at the Swiss cabin that the uncle will later leave to Adam in his will.


Fighting in the first Gulf war in Iraq, Adam Gettrick rapes a thirteen-year-old girl and is held and tortured by her father.

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Unit leader Nadia Evett (later Herz) refuses Stone and Reed permission to search for Adam Gettrick. 

Adrian Stone and Henry Reed disobey Evett’s orders, rescue Adam Gettrick, shoot his torturer and set fire to his house, resulting in the death of his victim’s nine-year-old sister.

At some point in between

Nadia Evett leaves the army, is diagnosed with Gulf War Syndrome and marries local Eckhausen butcher Kristian Herz.


13th of May Alice Webster is born.

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Sophie Giroux is abducted from the Paris region, aged 11, by Adam Gettrick.

Sophie Giroux’s mother jumps to her death in Paris, after Julien Baptiste mistakenly suggests Sophie’s father is involved in her daughter’s disappearance.

At some point in between

(Speculation) Adam Gettrick tells Sophie about what happened in Iraq in 1991 and the role played by Brigadier Stone. 


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Spring – Alice Webster is abducted from outside the Eckhausen military base, aged 11, by Adam Gettrick. 


Summer – Oliver Hughes disappears from Chalons du Bois, aged 5.


5th of April – Lena Garber is abducted by family friend Adam Gettrick. 


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Aged approx 20, Sophie Giroux gives birth to daughter Lucy.


Sophie, Alice and Lena are taken to a theme park and have their photo taken on a rollercoaster.

It some point in between

(Speculation) Adam Gettrick murders Lena Garber.


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The police reopen the case into the disappearance of Oliver Hughes.

14th of December – Henry Reed is fatally shot by (speculation) Adam Gettrick, who makes the attack look like suicide.

Daniel Reed looks into his father’s finances and finds payments to an Iraqi man named Mirza Bazani. 

18th of December Sophie Giroux, with a ruptured appendix, collapses in Eckhausen town square and tells the paramedics her name is Alice Webster.

19th of December – Sophie-as-Alice greets her ‘family’ and tells the police she was abducted by a man with a German accent.

Major Adam Gettrick is anxious for Alice Webster’s identity not to remain a secret at the first briefing between the army and German police.

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20th of December – Sophie-as-Alice goes to the Webster home and sleeps on Alice’s bedroom floor.

21st of December – Sophie-as-Alice takes the police to an underground forest bunker where a shop receipt from the week earlier is discovered that leads them to Kristian Herz, whom Sophie-as-Alice identifies as her abductor, asking Brigadier Stone “how can you live with yourself after what you’ve done?” She sleeps locked in the Webster garden shed.

Nadia Herz deletes a photo of her and Kristian engaging in S&M from a mobile phone.

22nd of December – After Julien Baptiste accuses her of lying about who she is, Sophie-as-Alice disappears for three hours, leaving flowers on Henry Reed’s grave, buying petrol and planting the body of (speculation) Lena Garber in the Webster garden shed. At dinner that night, she tells the Websters about her baby and the rollercoaster day, then fakes her death, burning the shed and returning to Adam Gettrick’s home. Sam Webster is badly burned in the fire.

Kristian Herz’s lost camera, containing planted photos of Sophie Giroux, is returned to his home from the Angstrom Park lost property office.

Nadia Herz is brutally attacked by the Adler twins and left in a coma for months.

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Julien visits Sophie’s father Remy at the Paris DIY shop in which he works.

23rd of December – Adam Gettrick leaks the news of Alice Webster’s suicide to the press. 

Gemma Webster is told the shed corpse’s DNA results are a match with Sam Webster, and gives a press conference on the advice of Adam Gettrick.

Eve Stone gives birth by caesarian section to an 8 month old baby, as a surrogate for her sister.

24th of December – Sam Webster returns home from hospital.

Jorn and Julien track down Henry Reed’s mistress Ilsa to a brothel where they learn about his murder.

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At some point in between

Daniel Reed goes AWOL from the army base and travels to Iraq to find answers about his father. 


Julien Baptiste is diagnosed with a brain tumour.

Kristian Herz undergoes a trial and is sentenced for the abduction of Sophie Giroux and Alice Webster.

Nadia Herz makes a full recovery from her coma and returns home, discovering the photographs of Sophie planted on her husband’s camera.

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Julien Baptiste asks Gemma Webster to start looking through rollercoaster photos from the amusement park.

The yellow camper used to abduct Sophie and Alice is painted red.

Sophie cuts her hair and hides out in Gettrick’s cabin in Vaaren, Switzerland, where she burns Lena Garber’s glasses. 

Matthew Webster goes joyriding in an army vehicle, his dad takes the blame and is put on desk duty and mandatory counselling as punishment. 

Sam Webster and Eve Stone begin an affair and are seen by Sam’s son Matthew.

2016/Present Day

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Julien Baptiste absconds from his hospital room before having an operation to remove his brain tumour and flies to Erbil to find Daniel Reed and track down Sophie and Alice’s abductor. He is followed through the market by an unidentified man (possibly a hallucination).

Matthew Webster chases off a brunette Nadia Herz in a supermarket car park. 

Brigadier Adrian Stone, suffering from dementia, is put into the St Odilia Haus nursing home.

Eve Stone gets pregnant by Sam Webster.

Matthew Webster goes to visit Kristian Herz in prison to keep his promise to Sophie-as-Alice and apologise to him.

Gemma Webster finds the photo of Sophie and Alice on the rollercoaster and shares it with Eve Stone. They visit the amusement park.

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Investigating the disappearance of Lena Garber because of the rollercoaster photo, Jorn Lennart discovers Gettrick’s daughter Lucy, is murdered by Adam Gettrick who hides his body in the boot of his car.

Matthew Webster attacks Brigadier Stone in his nursing home.

Julien Baptiste learns the events of Iraq in 1991, confronts Adam Gettrick about the abduction and is held on suspicion of attacking Adrian Stone while Gettrick escapes, taking  Lucy and Alice to the cabin in Vaaren to reunite with Sophie. 

The Missing series 2 concludes on Wednesday the 30th of November at 9pm on BBC One. Check back here for an updated timeline after the finale airs.