Suicide Squad 2: 25 Characters We Want to See

Suicide Squad 2 seems inevitable, and there are so many other characters they can introduce and kill off in the sequels...

Suicide Squad just introduced a huge audience to DC legends such as Deadshot, Amanda Waller, and Harley Quinn, and also delivered classic villains like Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc to the big screen for the first time. DC fans have thrilled to the adventures of Katana, Enchantress, and Rick Flag for years, but this is the first exposure the general public had to these characters. And what a thrill it was. Except for Slipknot…Slipknot sucks.

Anyway, that was a heaping helping of awesome DC characters in Suicide Squad, huh?

Well, filmgoers looking forward to the sequel will be happy to know that there are still plenty of characters just waiting for their cinematic debuts. A potential Suicide Squad 2 will need a few new members to fill out the team’s ranks as the next big screen adventure will no doubt be even more explosive than the team’s first mission.

So let’s break out some back issues and find us 25 possible new conscripts for Amanda Waller’s next big screen mission.

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Before we begin, a brief note: Most of these characters appeared during John Ostrander’s run as writer on Suicide Squad in the ’80s and ’90s, so get thee to a back issue bin to find out where the Squad got started- because without Ostrander, their is no Squad.

Ready? Here we go.

25. Punch and Jewlee

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad #24 (1989)

Yes folks, Jewlee was the first lady clown with a giant mallet on the Squad’s roster. Punch and Jewlee were two clown themed criminals recruited into the Squad by Amanda Waller because of their fighting and infiltration prowess. Much to Waller’s chagrin, the husband and wife crooks were too busy entertaining each other and pilfering valuables from the battlefield to really be a boon to the Squad.

The duo left the team when Jewlee became pregnant and the two actually survived their time as Squaddies despite being unpowered. Punch and Jewlee may seem redundant on the Squad’s film roster what with Harley and all, but imagine what great foils they would be for Ms. Quinn. Maybe the romance between the two clowns would lead Harley to remember some special moments she shared with her puddin’. Now that could trigger something, huh?

Besides, Punch and Jewlee are two old school Charlton Comics characters, and we want as many Charlton characters in the DC Cinematic Universe as possible. Hello, Geoff Johns – Blue Beetle and the Question films? Maybe?

24. The Unknown Soldier

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad (vol. 4) #19 (2013)

The Unknown Solder is one of DC’s most classic old school war heroes. This bandaged US army operative served in World War II and the Cold War in the pre- New 52 DC Universe and also served in the war in terror in the modern day DCU. The Unknown Soldier is a master of disguise with the ability to transform his visage into anyone’s face.

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It would be awesome to see DC utilize some of its classic war heroes in its film universe and there certainly is comic book precedence for the Soldier’s inclusion in Waller’s band of misfits as the legendary tragic patriot joined the New 52 version of the team. This timeless DC war vet could make for a great wildcard in a future film.

23. Karin Grace

Squad Debut: The Brave and the Bold #25 (1959)

We love the fact that DC included Rick Flag in Suicide Squad because we just adore when the Silver Age gets some big screen love. Flag was the leader of DC’s first iteration of the Squad, a team of military adventurers that went on missions no one else dared to undertake.

While later iterations of the Squad were featured in hardboiled, para-military super hero like yarns, the original Squad fought dinosaurs and yetis and awesome crap like that. Flag led the team and forever by his side was Karin Grace. When Waller put her team together decades later, Grace served as the Squad’s medic. She died in battle, sending Flag into a downward spiral. With such a legacy in place, it would be more than fitting for Karin Grace, the first lady of the Suicide Squad, to get some film love.

22. Blockbuster

Squad Debut: Legends #3 (1987)

Blockbuster, a poor man’s DCU version of the Hulk, had the distinction of being the first member of Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad to die in battle. In the Squad’s inaugural mission, Blockbuster was squished by the hellbeast Brimstone, thus beginning a grand tradition of dead Squad cannon fodder. But listen, after his death, the dead villain’s brother became the new Blockbuster and became a pretty major villain in the pages of Nightwing.

Anyway, Blockbuster was the first Squaddie to die, his brother kicks ass, so stick this powerhouse in a film.

21. Sportsmaster

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad #58 (1991)

The Squad certainly has some heavily armed, heavy hitters, huh? That’s why we would love to see Sportsmaster arrive on the battlefield wielding a baseball bat and golf clubs. It may sound silly, but Sportsmaster is one of DC’s oldest villains, first appearing during the heart of the Golden Age. Sportsmaster gave the Justice Society of America a rough time back in the day and actually became a pretty big deal in the Young Justice animated series.

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Besides, having Sportsmaster fight side by side with the film versions of Deadshot and Harley Quinn would almost be like having TMNT’s Casey Jones arrive in the DC Universe, and we all want that don’t we?

20. Chronos

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad #4 (1987)

Chronos kind of sort of appeared on the first season of Legends of Tomorrow, but really, it was just Heat Wave cosplaying as future Boba Fett. The real Chronos is a time manipulating villain who has fought the Atom many times.

Chronos has a funky costume and uses clock parts as stabbing weapons. Oh, by the way, he can also time travel. That would add some wrinkles to the cinematic Squad, eh? But wait, Chronos has the tech to time travel and instead of stealing advanced weapons from the future, he just stabs people with minute hands from broken clocks. OOOO-kay.

Anyway, Chronos was conscripted into the Squad early in the Ostrander run and is a classic DC baddie that has never appeared in live action in proper form.

19. Parasite

Squad Debut: Firestorm Vol. 2 #64 (1987)

The initial film Squad featured a bunch of Batman villains, a Flash rogue, and even a Firestorm baddie (Slipknot…stinks). It’s time to get some Superman villains some love.

The Parasite joined the Squad in an issue of Firestorm (also written by Ostrander, by the by) and would be a perfect member for the celluloid Squad. Parasite is big, he’s visually interesting, and he has the power to drain anyone he touches of his or her energy and power. Parasite is one of the top tier Superman bad guys, and despite countless unforgettable battles in the pages of DC Comics, has never appeared in a film before. With parasites grabbing headlines lately (I mean, did you see the Republican National Convention?), now might be the perfect time for Parasite to suck up some screen time.

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18. Cameron Chase

Squad Debut: ”Chase #2 (1998)

Ah, our first non-Ostrander character on the list. Cameron Chase led her own iteration of the Suicide Squad in the post-Ostrander years of the team. She is like DC’s version of Jessica Jones: a hard boiled, kick ass, semi-broken woman that investigates super crimes.

Cameron Chase is one of DC’s must underutilized characters and would fit perfectly into the gritty world of the Squad. She may not be fancy, but she is an amazing character that could be a perfect foil to Waller and her unit or a valuable ally in her next adventure. The character did pop up in Supergirl last season, but Chase is such a cool DCU shot caller she deserves some silver screen love.

17. Manhunter

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad #8 (1987)

Mark Shaw was a pretty big deal in the ’80s. He was one of many heroes who operated under the moniker of the Manhunter, a kickass soldier of fortune that carried his own title and also served time as a member of the Suicide Squad. As fans witnessed with Katana, not all members of the Squad are crooks and Manhunter could bring another warrior on the side of the angels (almost) to Waller’s unit.

Although a hero, Shaw was once the villainous Privateer (he dressed like a pirate…which is questionable) so there is a nice redemption arc just waiting for DC Films if it chooses to explore the Manhunter Mark Shaw. Plus, he has a blasty staff, so that’s always awesome.

16. The Writer

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad #58 (1991)

We’ve discussed the Writer a few times before on Den of Geek, but this is so nutty, it’s worth mentioning again. In his run on Animal Man, legendary writer and cad Grant Morrison inserted himself into the story of Buddy Baker. It was all meta and awesome, but it also created a situation where Grant Morrison was actually a character that existed in the DC Universe. Well, John Ostrander took care of that by creating the Writer- a super villain that had the power to alter reality with his word processor. 

Ostrander not only created the Writer, he killed him thus sending metafictional Grant Morrison to the big slush pile in the sky. Imagine if the Writer were to arrive in the DC Film Universe- in other words, a film adaptation of a metafictional version of a real life writer. Now, that’s trippy. Heck man, just give Morrison a SAG card and some per diem cash and we are off.

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15. Mindboggler

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad #1 (1987)

Mindboggler is a little known Firestorm villain with the ability to create illusions of people’s worst fears. And she had an old school punk rock haircut.

But that’s not why she makes this list. Mindboggler makes this list because she had such a memorable Squad death.

When Mindboggler met Captain Boomerang, like any sane woman, she was repulsed by the Aussie’ Quagmire like behavior. She used her powers to essentially make Boomerang pee his little Boomer pants. The Flash rogue was so humiliated that he stood by during a mission and allowed Mindboggler to be killed. It was the first Squad death during the team’s regular monthly series and it was a death that showed the world the depths of Boomerang’s cowardice and disloyalty. It would be pure nostalgic gold to see this classic Squad moment play out in film.

14. Captain Cold

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad #16 (1988)

Len Snart as a member of the cinematic Suicide Squad? Please! Fans have fallen love with the rascally rogue over on CW’s The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. But two cold gun wielding charming rapscallions are better than one and you just know that when the big screen version of The Flash starring Ezra Miller hits in 2018, Captain Cold will most likely be along for the ride.

And how awesome would Cold be as a member of the Squad? Imagine Snart’s calm charm playing off Deadshot, Waller, Harley, and even his fellow Flash rogue Captain Boomerang. It would be classical DC bliss. Cold joined the Squad during the Ostrander years and lived to tell the tale, becoming one of many Flash villains to do time with Waller’s crew.

13. Roy Harper

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad #11 (1988)

Speaking of CW synergy, we have short lived Squaddie Roy Harper aka Speedy aka Arsenal aka Red Arrow aka how have Green Arrow and Speedy never appeared in a live action film? As Speedy, Harper ran with the Squad during one of the team’s first few missions and brought a much needed morality to the team even if it was for a brief time. Having Harper aboard the film Squad could potentially lead to appearances in the DC Film Universe of Oliver Queen or Harper’s fellow Teen Titans.

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Forgetting about the nerd wish fulfillment, Harper is a master tactician and weapons expert that would be right at home in the paramilitary setting of the Squad. Plus, having a member of the super hero community on the Squad’s roster could be a unique counterpoint for Amanda’ Waller’s skewed sense of morality.

12. The Penguin

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad #5 (1987)

The Penguin only went on one mission with the Squad back in Waller’s team’s early days, but one was enough to get this rapscallion on our Squad film wish list. The Penguin is one of the most iconic of all of Batman’s villains and his stock is higher than ever thanks to the character’s brilliant inclusion in Fox’s Gotham.

Yet, it’s hard to imagine Oswald Cobblepot appearing in the upcoming Ben Affleck Batman solo movie, so a future Suicide Squad joint might be the perfect landing spot for the fowl mastermind. The Penguin would give mass audiences a  recognizable villain plus give the team a brilliant strategist.

For real, who wouldn’t want to see Harley and the rest of the crew attacking a secure location by flying in on gimmicked umbrellas?

11. Nemesis

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad #1 (1987)

In this, the age of DC multimedia, it’s a darn shame no one has given any live action love to Nemesis. Thomas Andrew Tresser has been a secret agent, a vigilante, and a love interest of Wonder Woman. He is also a master of disguise and an original member of Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad.

Nemesis is pretty much the DC Universe version of Jason Bourne and if that doesn’t sell you, nothing well. 

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10. Duchess

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad #9 (1988)

The true identity of the warrior woman named Duchess was one of the major mysteries Ostrander presented to readers in the early issues of Suicide Squad. Duchess was this statuesque Rambo-like woman who happily joined the team and went on many missions with Deadshot, Rick Flag, and the rest of the Squad.

Later (spoiler), it was revealed that Duchess was a minion of Darkseid, the Female Fury known as Lashina. Lashina turned her back on Darkseid and became a long time member of the Squad. It’s no secret Darkseid and his legions of Apokolips will soon be joining the DC Cinematic Universe. Maybe the film Squad could benefit from some of the Fourth World Kirby love if this whip cracking, head knocking soldier joins the ranks of the movie team. That certainly would give Suicide Squad 2 some synergy with Justice League when the likes of Steppenwolf and Darkseid arrive to menace the world.

Plus, hey, why not get Gwendoline Christie to play Duchess so she can be in another awesome franchise? Christie should be in everything.

9. Black Orchid

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad #4 (1987)

Over the years, the hero known as Black Orchid became a cult favorite fringe character because she was a complete mystery. The character appeared for decades before she was finally given an origin (an origin written by none other than Neil Gaiman). During her time as a tabula rasa, Black Orchid served as a part of the Suicide Squad. Turns out Black Orchid was a human plant hybrid that was part of the Green: the metaphysical web of intelligent plant life that binds the world together. This connection to the Green ties Black Orchid into Swamp Thing which is why the prospects of her appearing in a future Suicide Squad picture is so darn intriguing.

With such a deep connection to one of DC’s horror greats, including Black Orchid in a Squad film could be a backdoor into the long delayed Justice League Dark movie.  And who doesn’t want to see that?

8. Killer Frost

Squad Debut: Firestorm Vol. 2 #64 (1987)

Killer Frost has a rather storied history with the Squad even though she didn’t appear as a member of the team much during Ostrander’s run. Frost appeared as a member of the Squad in the animated Batman: Assault on Arkham animated film and she has made her presence known on The Flash TV series.

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As we said about a few villains already, Frost could be a great counterpoint to Harley Quinn as both twisted damsels have a few common screws loose. But most of all, with her ability to suck the heat from anything, Killer Frost would give the film Squad an instant power up as she is one of the nastiest and most nearly unstoppable femme fatales in the DCU.

7. Poison Ivy

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad #33 (1989)

Enough of the potential enemies for our Harley, Ms. Quinzel needs a BFF! So here’s Poison Ivy, an environmental terrorist and super crook that has long served in the role as Harley’s closest confidant and friend. It’s almost like the Golden Girls… but younger, hotter, and murderier.

Poison Ivy had a brief run in the comic book Squad, but man, would she be perfect for DC Films. An appearance in Suicide Squad 2 would add to a growing list of cinematic Bat rogues, give the team an iconic villain, and reestablish a friendship that comic and animation fans have fallen in love with over the years- the Thelma and Louise like friendship between Harley and Ivy.

Hell, give Harley and Ivy their own film and the money DC would make on cosplay merchandise alone would probably pay for the next three DC movies.

6. King Shark

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad (vol. 4) #1

It’s a giant anthropomorphic serial killer cannibal shark that wears little people pants! That’s really all I need to say, right? But I’m going say more anyway.

King Shark joined the Squad in the New 52 iteration of the team and he would have been in the film too if not for the prohibitively expensive CGI that would have been needed to bring ol’ shark pants to life. Instead of a motion capture Killer Shark, DC went with a prosthetic wearing Killer Croc and the rest is history.

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Killer Shark has been such a huge part of the modern day Squad, it’s getting hard to imagine the team without him and his wittle shark pants. Killer Shark became an instant smash when he appeared on The Flash and that awesome sharkittude could continue on the big screen if Shark joins Croc as the Squad’s resident man-eaters (yeah, now I got Hall & Oates in your head!).

5. James Gordon Jr.

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad (vol. 4) #20

I hear some of you thinking –WHAT? The son of Commissioner Gordon is a member of the Squad. And not only that, old Junior here is also one of the deadliest serial killers in the DCU, and for a brief time this child of Gotham’s head cop ran with the Squad. Imagine the connections to Batman and the GCPD, imagine the war Gordon Jr. and Joker- two of DC’s most lethal killers- could undertake.

On film, we’ve only seen James Jr. as a helpless little boy held hostage by Harvey Dent, but if Jr. was the one holding the gun and you’d see what an inspired choice he is to become the next member of Waller’s unit. As I said, Jr. was only part of the Squad for a little while, but even those few issues were a fascinating examination of what happens when the child of a good man breaks bad and is forced to do good.

4. Vixen

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad #11 (1988)

Vixen, the star of her own online animated series set in the CW DCU. Vixen, the hero that made her live action debut on Arrow this past season. Vixen, arguably DC’s premiere black female hero. Vixen, a hero that desperately needs to be included in the DC Film Universe.

Everyone loves Vixen but not everyone realizes that we might not even have Vixen today if not for the Suicide Squad. You see, in the 1970s, Vixen was created to star in her own book. Due to financial reasons, DC had to cut a heaping load of its titles, and poor Vixen got her book axed before it ever saw publication. The character popped up now and again but she was always kind of an also ran.

Until she joined the Suicide Squad that is.

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In the Squad, Ostrander got to fully realize Vixen’s potential as a character and as one of the great powerhouses of the DC Universe. She is a heroic member of the Squad that kept the more twisted Squaddies in line and was one of the most fascinating members of the team. Because she is a great character, because she would bring much needed diversity to any film, because she has the power to channel the abilities of any animal on Earth (and that’s just awesome) Vixen needs to appear in a future DC film.

3. Oracle

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad #23 (1989)

Bat fact: The legacy of Barbara Gordon as Oracle began in the pages of Suicide Squad. That’s right, after the Joker paralyzed Barbara in Batman: The Killing Joke, it seemed like the former Batgirl was through being a hero in the DCU. Enter John Ostrander. Ostrander took the broken Barbara and gave her a renewed energy as Oracle, the information broker and computer genius of the DCU. From there, Oracle became an indispensable behind the scenes member of the Squad, went on to found the Birds of Prey and became one of the most inspirational heroes in all of comics.

The saga of Oracle would be perfect for the big screen Squad (sadly, I guess that would mean Barbara has to get shot by the Joker somewhere along the line…unless, like the murder of Robin, that’s already happened), but the saga of the woman who refused to stay down is just too inspirational not to play out for the public at large.

2. Bronze Tiger

Squad Debut: Legends #2 (1986)

An original member of Waller’s original grouping of conscripted scum, Bronze Tiger was arguably the heart and soul of the team. A martial artist second only to Batman, Bronze Tiger was front and center on about every Squad mission throughout the team’s history. It’s almost mindboggling that the Tiger wasn’t in the movie, but that can be fixed if everyone starts kung-fu fighting in a sequel.

In the comics, Tiger fills the role of confidant for Amanda Waller as he was her go to guy. Michael Jai White played the character to perfection on Arrow, so just shunt White over to the film side of things and let the fur fly!

1. Deathstroke

Squad Debut: Suicide Squad Rebirth #1 (2016)

Suicide Squad Rebirth #1 is now on sale and within the pages of this refocused, repurposed Suicide Squad title, Deathstroke the Terminator joins the likes of Deadshot and Harley Quinn as a member of DC’s baddest team. Any fan of old school DC or of Arrow will tell you, villains don’t come any more deadly than Slade Wilson, a  master strategist, an enhanced combatant, and a cold blooded killer with a twisted sense of loyalty and honor.

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Great things are going to happen with the Squad in the Rebirth era thanks to the inclusion of Slade Wilson and those same great things can play out in film if this one eyed killing machine comes a calling in any potential Suicide Squad sequel.