Star Wars: The Last Jedi – The Best Responses to the Remake

A "team of producers" has pledged to remake Star Wars: The Last Jedi from scratch. Here are our fave responses so far...

It’s one thing to be mildly irked by the latest instalment in your favourite movie franchise. It’s quite another to be so incensed that you’re willing to scrape millions of dollars together and remake the entire thing from scratch.

Incredibly, this is exactly what a “team of producers” have pledged to do over on Twitter. On the 20th June, a tweet went out from an account  Remake The Last Jedi: “Our team of producers is offering to cover the budget for a remake of The Last Jedi in order to save Star Wars. This isn’t a joke! We’re ready to have the convo now!”

Their plan is to “consult with Star Wars fans directly” to create a new Episode VIII that is “as close to universally accepted as possible.”

You might think that such a project’s something of a tall order, given that Star Wars is the intellectual property of a multi-billion dollar corporation and things of that nature. But according to the tweets published over the past couple of days, the would-be makers of the new Last Jedi have investors who are willing to stump up the $200 million or so it would cost to make it. “It’s a pretty solid brand so that’s how the investors know they’d have a good shot at making money,” the account tweeted to the actor Seth Rogen, who chimed in with some questions about the project. “To get the legal rights we would need a meeting with Disney…” Yes, they’d need the rights from Disney. And they’d need to somehow secure the services of Daisy Ridley, Mark Hamill, Oscar Isaac, John Boyega and numerous other actors besides. And then they’d have to convince ILM to drop whatever it is they’re doing – like, we don’t know, working on JJ Abrams’ Episode IX – so they can redo all The Last Jedis visual effects. Nope, we can’t see any problem with this venture at all. While the anonymous producers are apparently serious about their project – they even have a website set up and everything – the announcement’s provoked a fair bit of amusement online. Because it’s a Friday, we’ve collected a few of our favorites responses from across Twitter. May the Force be with you.