Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge: The Black Spire Outpost Food Guide

Thanks to the Black Spire Outpost and Docking Bay 7, there's no need to leave Star Wars Galaxy's Edge hungry for alien delicacies.

Whether it’s Anakin slicing a pear using his Force powers, or Luke eating from an un-inspiring rations kit on Dagobah (before getting some of Yoda’s stew, which seemed more appetizing), food has been involved in some notable moments within Star Wars. Heck, even Darth Vader revealed himself to Han, Leia, and Chewie on Bespin over a dinner table!

And as travelers land on Black Spire Outpost on Batuu – also known as Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at Walt Disney World in Orlando, and Disneyland in Anaheim – they may develop their own appetite as their personal Star Wars story unfolds. Thankfully, Black Spire Outpost has you covered with a variety of foods available at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo, run by Chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs (who previously worked as a chef at Maz Kanata’s castle before that whole business with the First Order). 

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The story behind the food at Docking Bay 7 is that there are a lot of shipments headed into Batuu, and Tuggs has to work with what he gets from the assortment of alien meats, fruits, and veggies that cross his path. Then, after clearing out cargo containers, he re-purposes them as seating areas for travelers who need to take a load off and enjoy some grub. 

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From Shaak (beef pot roast), Yobshrimp (shrimp) and Kaadu (pork) from Naboo, to Tip-Yip (chicken) from Endor, to plant-based kefta from the farming planet Felucia, to oi-oi berries (passion fruit) from Takodana, the counter-service restaurant name drops items from many planets in the Star Wars galaxy. Even Darth Vader’s chosen home planet of Mustafar gets a mention with the sweet lava roll. (Travelers can also dine on Rontos — roasted pork, and grilled sausage – cooked by the smelter droid, 8D-J8, outside the Docking Bay at Ronto Roasters.)

The foods on Batuu are surprisingly tasty, and both familiar to my Earth-based palate, while remaining interesting. The most enjoyable for me at the Docking Bay was the Felucian Garden Spread with herb hummus, tomato-cucumber relish, and pita – but the Ronto Roasters are pretty excellent as well. And a lot of thought went into feeding all the off-worlders making a stop at Black Spire.

Thankfully, James Kleinschmidt, Chef de Cuisine of the Concept Development Team at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, was available to guide me through Chef Strono Tuggs intergalactic menu. In the video interview above, Chef James explains the ingredients and inspiration at Docking Bay 7. Check it out, and if you head to Batuu – be it via Anaheim or Orlando – arrive with an appetite for alien foods, as well as adventure.

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