Spider-Man: Far From Home – Exclusive Mysterio Featurette

Check out some new details about Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home

If there’s one thing Spider-Man: Far From Home deserves credit for, it’s figuring out how to put Mysterio on the big screen. He’s a true classic from the Ditko/Lee days, but of all the live-action Spider-Man movies over the years, he’s the tenth major villain to show up (12th if you count Shocker and Mac Gargan). They had to wait a long time to put him in a movie because he’s such a tricky concept and challenging design.

Even comic fans would point out that he looked like a big doofus with that fishbowl head. In an industry that gave us Space Cloud Galactus, the very idea of Mysterio being faithful to the comics and not being too ridiculous wasn’t likely.

It’s not just the look, but the use of the character. What is his deal? Why is he Mysterio? How does he fit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially in such an important time as the first movie post-Endgame? They put him in a role where he was a villain playing a fake hero, but there was enough context in the MCU to keep us guessing. We’ve seen one trickster villain turn into a more heroic character. We’ve seen one major villain be revealed to be nothing more than a goofball actor playing a role. We recently saw an entire race of shapeshifters and even got swerved by having them turn out to be good guys when they’re usually evil in the comics.

Hell, Mysterio made up a backstory about there being a multiverse when not only did Endgame establish tangent realities, but we’re getting a Doctor Strange movie about the very concept!

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Jake Gyllenhaal played the hell out of Quentin Beck and he gets his own little featurette as part of the Spider-Man: Far From Home blu ray called “Now You See Me.” In this clip, Tom Holland speaks about the challenges of bringing Mysterio to screen, Samuel L. Jackson discusses the need for a good cinematic villain, and Gyllenhaal himself explains how he came to become Mysterio in the first place.

Hey, good for Mysterio. Lord knows he got the shaft in Logan. Having your accomplishments stolen by an elderly man with dementia has to sting.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home will be released on blu ray on October 1. Here are some other features you can expect to see in the package:

New Original Short: “Peter’s To-Do List”: Peter has a few errands to run before he can leave on his class trip.

“Teacher’s Travel Tips” Featurette: Mr. Harrington & Mr. Dell present a few tips on how to traverse the European continent.

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“Stepping Up” Featurette: Explore how Spider-Man was introduced in the MCU, the ways Tom Holland transformed the character of Peter Parker, and what the future holds for Spider-Man.

“Suit Up” Featurette: The suit doesn’t make the hero – but it does play a big role in who they are and who they can become. This piece examines all of Peter’s different suits in the movie, and with behind the scenes footage, we see why some suits are better than others.

“Far, Far, Far From Home” Featurette: The film’s illustrious locations serve story points and establish tone, but they’re also amazing to travel to! Hear from the cast on their experiences filming on-location.

“It Takes Two” Featurette: A special look at the chemistry between Jon Watts and Tom Holland.

“Fury & Hill” Featurette: MCU stalwarts Cobie Smulders and Samuel L. Jackson are back as Agent Maria Hill & Nick Fury!

“The Ginter-Riva Effect” Featurette: A look at the villain sub-plot and how William Ginter-Riva ties Spider-Man: Far From Home all the way back to the beginning of the MCU.

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“Thank You, Mrs. Parker” Featurette: A look at Marisa Tomei’s reimagining of Aunt May, from Homecoming to Far From Home.

“The Brother’s Trust” Featurette: A quick look into some of the amazing work Tom Holland and his brothers have done through their charity, The Brothers Trust.

“The Jump-Off” Featurette: Interviews with the cast & crew take us through all of the amazing stunts of Far From Home.

Stealthy Easter Eggs: Allow E.D.I.T.H. to reveal some of the hidden Easter Eggs you may have missed!

Select Scene Pre-Vis: A side-by-side comparison of the Pre-Vis with the film.

Gag Reel & Outtakes

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Never-Before-Seen Alternate & Extended Scenes

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