Spaceballs 2: Mel Brooks Confirms He’s in Talks

As the Star Wars franchise continues to roar back to life, Spaceballs 2 might be getting closer!

To many ’80s geeks, Mel Brooks’ Star Wars parody film Spaceballs is as iconic as the movies it makes fun of. Back then, it somehow made some kind of off-kilter, delicious sense for a young Bill Pullman to be zipping through the galaxy in a Winnebago space ship accompanied by a mog (half-man half-dog) called Barf, reluctantly rescuing a spoiled princess along with her Joan Rivers-voiced robot, and becoming skilled in the ways of the Schwartz.

The film was also pretty meta for its time, even featuring a scene where writer/director Brooks showed off merchandise for the inevitable sequel, Spaceballs 2: The Search For More MoneyAn actual sequel to the film never came to pass, but in the three decades since Spaceballs‘ release, rumors have occasionally surfaced that one still might be in the works.

This week, Brooks attended a screening of his classic horror-comedy Young Frankenstein, getting up to take questions from the audience, where he was once again probed on the possibility of a Spaceballs sequel.

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Here’s the clip…

— njpac (@NJPAC) May 21, 2017

“MGM is slightly interested in doing it because of Star Wars: Rogue One and The Force Awakens and the new Star Wars explosion,” Brooks responded. “So they think maybe, so we’re talking, who knows.”

Hollywood will reboot or revive basically anything these days, and usually before you can say “there’s no way they woul-” a new take on a beloved film from your childhood has already been greenlit and begun pre-production, so it’s virtually impossible to write off a Spaceballs sequel coming to fruition. As we know, if it’s all part of The Search For More Money, it’s more than a little possible.

What about a prequel movie about a young Pizza The Hutt? It’s the yeast they could dough. No? Too cheesy? (I’m sorry)

More as we have it.

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