Scream Season Finale Review: Revelations

Screaming was all I was doing in last night’s season finale. Here’s our review.

This review contains spoilers for the season finale of Scream.

After the recent death of Scream creator Wes Craven, it was hoped that tonight’s finale would be a good one. If that constitutes an episode that keeps you guessing from beginning to end, then it was indeed successful. Claustrophobia, a menacing knife, and a disturbing mask made up the ingredients for the ultimate conclusion. 

It didn’t take too long into last night’s episode to find out Officer Clarke’s fate. Much like Will’s death, it was set up by the killer but finished off by a loved one. As Maggie cut him loose from a tree, the rope we realize was the only thing holding him together. As she unraveled it from his waist, blood spurted out and he was dead in seconds. That had to be a record for how fast someone was killed off on the TV show. Noah worked his magic and found out the source of the video footage of Officer Clarke which led him and Emma to Brooke’s party.

Placing us back in the similar setting of our first gory scene of the season, where Nina and her boyfriend are killed off in the pool at her house, Brooke is left stranded after a guy is killed at her party. There she is, standing outside her grand house in front of her pool creeped out and alone. If the goal of the episode was to make each character isolated while never being alone, they nailed it.

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Who could we cross off the potential killer checklist early on in the episode?

Kieran: While the episode did its best to still keep us questioning Kieran’s motives, it was pretty clear after finding out his father was killed that he was in no way connected to the murderer. Even after Emma told him that Piper said he was Brandon James’ son, his shock in her accusation made it clear enough. Kieran wasn’t our guy.

Seth Branson: Though Branson appeared a little twisted in the last couple of episodes, it seems that his love (or lust) for Brooke has made him a little misrepresented. He truly had no motive. Especially since we realized now that neither Seth nor Kieran were Brandon James’ son. Well, then who was?

Emma wasn’t the only one thinking that the child Maggie and Brandon had together was a boy. The episode kept us on our toes with Audrey being attacked, Brooke being stabbed and locked in a freezer, and Emma leaving to find her kidnapped mother hurt and tied up. I appreciate a finale that has you turning all different directions, but never in the one staring so clearly in front of your eyes.

It was Piper who peeled the new ghostface mask from her face. Of course! The one so interested in Brandon James and the series of killings. The one who had a podcast about it and befriended Emma to comfort her…to play nice with her. And all this time it wasn’t a son they were looking for, it was a daughter. Emma’s sister.

How did I not see this coming, you might ask? Well, maybe I am incredibly gullible or I just like to think that the good people are really good. Piper was on my “good people” list until she unmasked herself, slashed Emma, stabbed her mom and claimed responsibility for all of the other deaths. I was so distracted by who wasn’t there when so and so was killed, or who was the most vindictive. However, Piper had the best disguise of them all. The obvious pick…the one obsessed with all things related to death.

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While others may have been completely unsurprised by tonight’s big reveal, I still got to savor the sweet moments of “No, way! It was her?” However, can anyone else join me in not seeing the Audrey revelation coming?

Yes, Audrey I have speculated about Audrey being involved in this somehow. At the end of the episode, it sounded like Noah had taken over Piper’s podcast and speculated about who attacked her and Will in the abandoned building. That’s when the camera found its focus on Audrey going through old letters from Piper herself and papers which I couldn’t quite decipher but definitely mentioned Brandon James and his victims. Was Audrey responsible for that attack? Was she was responsible for Will’s death?

With a second season already on the way in 2016, it’s safe to say that there will be a new killer on the loose. However, will it be Audrey or someone else who has a story they want to tell through mind games and blood? 


4 out of 5