Quick plug: Geek movie night tonight

Starting tonight: share the joys of watching a geeky film with the aid of Twitter...

We’ve been asked to give a quick plug to a new Twitter get-together called Geek Movie Club, which kicks off tonight. Happy to oblige! Here’s what it’s all about…

“Films are better with friends, or so a well known phone operator would have us believe, but it’s true and there’s nothing better than watching movies with like-minded mates.     But what if you don’t have any mates? Or, more specifically, any mates that like the same movies as you? Even though geek has become chic, the chances of finding someone with the right nerd credentials to share in your movie experience are increasingly slim.

So, in the midst of a super-powered throw-down or sci-fi epic, who can you turn to and discuss the burning cinematic issues like who’d win in a fight between Robocop and Terminator and how does Wolverine get his Adamantium claws so shiny?     But now, Geek Film Club has the answer and is bringing geeks together, watching the same geeky film, on the same terrestrial channel at the same time and all sharing in the experience live via the multi-meeja miracle that is Twitter.

So how does it work? Each month a film is picked from the Freeview schedules (so that it’s something that everyone can see). And the only proviso? That it’s suitably geeky. It could be a comic book caper, a sci-fi classic or even a trek through middle earth. The only certainty is that a gaggle of like-minded geeks will be joining in the experience sharing their views and joining in the banter via Twitter.    The first film will be X-Men: The Last Stand which is showing on Film4 at 9pm Wednesday 3rd February. To get involved, follow Geek Film Club on Twitter and join in via the #geekfilmclub hashtag.”

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