Quantum of Solace: first glimpse of new 007 movie

The trailer for Quantum Of Solace has surfaced, and Mark Oakley has been checking it out...

2006’s Casino Royale rebooted the franchise in spectacular fashion. Gritty, dark and loaded with tough action sequences, outing number 21 for the self-styled suave and sophisticated secret agent was a critical and box office triumph.

Yesterday, the teaser trailer for the 22nd Bond film, Quantum of Solace, broke, and, to be blunt, it’s bloody brilliant. Bond films have a long tradition of fantastic trailers, showcasing the requisite thrills and spills, evil villains and beautiful women that make Bond the institution it so rightly is, and this one doesn’t disappoint. Without going too much into the film’s plot, the teaser gives away just enough of the murky, complex world Bond is about to be thrown into.

It also manages to quite brilliantly portray the darker edge to Bond that Casino Royale brought to the table. Daniel Craig, now largely accepted as the right man for the role, looks every bit the pissed off and embittered agent he became by the end of his last outing. Thankfully, for me anyway, he also looks to have toned down the gym workout, his huge, body builder-esque frame of two years ago pulled back to less ridiculous proportions.

The trailer naturally shows snippets of bucket loads of action sequences, each of which consistent with the more realistic skirmishes we were treated to last time out. Plenty of familiar faces are back too, with Judi Dench seemingly having been given a meaty role from the airtime her voice gets during the sub two minutes on display here. Also making a welcome return is Felix Leiter, I for one hoping he gets a big enough role to allow the excellent Jeffrey Wright to make an impact.

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Then there are the Bond girls. Not too much screen time in this teaser but the glimpses of Gemma Arterton were still enough to get me going. She is, quite simply, stunning.

So, loads of stunts, glimpses of Bond’s beauties, Dench’s ever-faithful acting prowess and a super cool Daniel Craig. What more could you want? Once the few bars of that theme play up at the end, I was grinning from ear to ear. Bond is back.Roll on November.