Power Rangers Movie Reboot In The Works

The new Power Rangers film will discard the 2017 movie and offer a fresh new take that involves time travel!

The Power Rangers are being rebooted once more. Completly seperate from the previous 2017 film, this new film will be made by Paramount Pictures who’s tapped The End of the F—ing World creator Jonathan Entwistle to take on the beloved franchise. Entwistle is in early negotiations to direct the film which is, of course, based on the Power Rangers TV series that launched in the 90’s. Source: THR

The series has had several films, the first in 1995, but more recently the franchise was rebooted on the big screen in 2017 by Lionsgate and directed by Dean Israelite. That film failed to meet expectations, only grossing $142 million on a budget of around $100 million and the many planned sequels have failed to materialize. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount hopes that the newest reboot of franchise will bring it back to its roots. While the 2017 film was somewhat darker than the TV series, this film is reportedly going to involve a “time-travel element that brings the kids to the 1990s, and in Back to the Future fashion, they have find a way to get back to their present.”

It’s also been reported that Patrick Burleigh, who worte the soon to be released Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, is writing the script.

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Of course Hasbro, who took ownership of the franchise in 2019, will be producing the new reboot with its film arm, Allspark Pictures.

The new direction for the film, that involving time travel, isn’t new for the Power Rangers franchise (several seasons have featured it) but it is an unexpeced direction. Many had assumed a new reboot would try to retell the origin once again but having the Rangers time travel back to the 90’s? That’s a real curveball. Will it be a new team of Rangers who travel back to meet the “original” Rangers? Will it be a rebooted version of the original team getting their start in present day but getting lost in the 90’s? We can only wait and see.

This is also the final nail in the coffin of anyone hoping for a continuation of the 2017 film. It’s a shame since that film had a lot going for it but it looks like Hasbro was ready to move on. It’s not surprsing since they’d want to put their own stamp on the franchise.

More on the new Power Rangers film as we hear it.

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