Power Rangers Movie Deleted Scene Reveals Original Rangers Cameo

Originally these two Rangers were supposed to appear much earlier in the movie.

For everyone that saw the recent Power Rangers movie, one of the most crowd-pleasing moments came towards the end of the film. After the Power Rangers team saves the day, original series actors Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly) and Jason David Frank (Tommy) are prominently seen in the crowd. This wasn’t their original cameo however.

In the first cut of the film, the two were set to appear in the Krispy Kreme during Kimberly and Trini’s little donut off. The scene was removed in editing, which prompted director Dean Israelite to bring the two back for the scene that eventually made it into the movie. It’s not hard to see why it was cut. The montage this scene was included in would have been seriously slowed down if it included the lingering shot of Johnson and Frank.

The original cameo doesn’t give the two anything to say, but hardcore fans will note Jason David Frank is sporting the classic long hair of Tommy. According to Frank, he grew his hair out specifically for this scene and cut it soon after which is why he’s sporting shorter hair in the other scene. 

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Eagle eyed fans will note that just above Frank’s head in the scene are several pieces of Krispy Kreme memorabilia that happen to be green while Johnson is wearing a light pink jacket, a nice little nod towards their original Ranger colors.

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You can watch the scene here, courtesy of Jason David Frank’s Facebook:

If Power Rangers gets a sequel, what other original cast members would you like to see appear?

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