Polar 2 is a Possibility According to Director

Jonas Åkerlund and Mads Mikkelsen seem happy to come back for a sequel to Netflix's Polar...

Polar arrived on Netflix last week to less-than-stellar reviews. The consensus seemed to be that while the story itself was underwhelming and it felt a bit too early-00s for comfort, the film’s action was still decent, and no one appeared too angry to have spent two hours watching Mads Mikkelsen be at maximum Mads Mikkelsen.

The streaming service’s movie, an adaptation of the Dark Horse graphic novel Polar: Came From The Cold by Victor Santos, leaves room for a sequel in the closing minutes, and there’s plenty of story left in Santos’ source material. Buzz online also indicated that over the weekend a lot of people were taking a chance on the John Wick-y tale of an assassin who has his retirement snatched away after some influential criminals decide that maybe he shouldn’t be allowed to walk – literally and figuratively.

So, do two and two equal four at Netflix? Possibly. In a new interview with Screen Rant, director Jonas Åkerlund was asked if he would be keen to do another Polar film, based on material from the remaining books:

“Well, it’s supposed to be based on the first book, but we kind of borrowed a little bit from the second and the third book as well. And we also added some stuff that aren’t even in the book. So, we had the freedom of working with these characters as we wanted – and, yeah, the Polar story has way more to give. He actually wrote five books, and there’s a lot more stories in there; and the characters are great, so why not?”

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We’ll let you know if it ends up happening.