Mark Ruffalo Filmed Hulk Death Scene for Avengers: Infinity War

Mark Ruffalo had no idea whether Hulk would survive The Snap at the end of Avengers: Infinity War or not.

Avengers cast members who tend to spill a little too much in the way of spoilery details have been narrowed down to a duo of usual suspects at this point.

Taking the gold medal in this regard is young Tom Holland, who most infamously spoiled Spider-Man’s dusty death to a packed cinema full of fans who hadn’t even seen Avengers: Infinity War yet. Following closely behind him in the silver medal position is Mr. Mark Ruffalo, who not only started revealing the closing minutes of Infinity War at the Disney D23 Expo in 2017 before being shut down by War Machine Don Cheadle, but also accidentally livestreamed the opening minutes of Thor: Ragnarok on Instagram.

Is it any wonder, then, that the Russos made him film Hulk turning to dust during Thanos’ devastating Snap during production on Infinity War? It looks like the directing team didn’t want Ruffalo to know if he made it or not!

“I didn’t know until I saw the movie,” Ruffalo told Yahoo. “For one take, I did disappear, and then the other one I didn’t.”

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Co-star Karen Gillan, who plays Nebula, and who was sitting next to him in the new interview, seemed genuinely surprised that the actor had been unsure if he lived to play a part in Avengers: Endgame, which makes it seem as though not everyone was left hanging about the status of their character. With Ruffalo, maybe Marvel needed a little insurance.

“I was pretty sure it was gonna be me,” Ruffalo said. “It’s like Survivor. It’s like, who’s gonna get kicked off the island? And I probably should’ve. It’s like Project Runway for leakers.”

It’s doubtful he needed to be too worried. Though Ruffalo has previously admitted that his Thor: Ragnarok livestream blunder “was the one that got me the call from up high” it was later brushed off as good publicity.

“Wait, wait, that was actually genius!” exclaimed Ragnarok lead Chris Hemsworth about the gaffe. “There might be some strategy there, because [the audience] laughed so hard during that [footage]. All [viewers] could hear was laughing. They went, ‘It must be good!'”

“It sort of turned around on me,” Ruffalo conceded. “Because when I came to work on Monday everyone ran up to me. I thought they were coming to scream at me — Barry [Curtis], he threw his arms around me. “That was genius! We got more press than we could have possibly paid for!”

Will Hulk go on to survive Avengers: Endgame? We shall have to wait and see. Only two weeks to go!

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