Lost Ghostbusters Scenes Unearthed

Long deleted scenes from the original Ghostbusters might finally see the light of day.

There are so many reasons that the original Ghostbusters is a perfect movie that it’s silly to try and recount them here. But one thing that doesn’t often make it into those discussions is that there’s no waste in Ghostbusters. The film clocks in at an economical 105 minutes, which seems positively quaint in an era when summer blockbusters all seem to have a 130 minute minimum.

Seriously, would another 15 minutes genuinely make it a better movie? Almost certainly not. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to see what else was left on the cutting room floor. Whenever more Ghostbusters deleted scenes are discovered, we’re going to watch them, even if all the ones we’ve seen so far were left out for good reason.

Butit looks like we might get to see some more after all, including at least one scene that has become the stuff of Ghostbusters fan legend.

The official Ghost Corps Facebook page posted this gem the other day, and it created a sensation among fans.


The real key here is “Fort Demering” which is a different, extended version of the “Ray gets pleasured by a ghost” sequence. It’s not clear what the others are, although “Honeymooners” which involves Slimer terrorizing a couple in the hotel, has made it out into the world before. And what could that reel that just says “Bill Murray” possibly contain? 

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Of course, we just got a brand new 4K version of Ghostbusters on Blu-ray recently, so another release seems a little impractical at the moment, but it doesn’t seem like Ghost Corps would tease fans needlessly. Maybe they’ll find another creative way to let fans see these. We’ll update this when that happens. We can’t wait.