Justice League Snyder Cut Scene Reveals Black Suit Superman

Get your first official look at Henry Cavill in the long lost black Superman costume in the latest reveal from the Justice League Snyder cut.

Henry Cavill in Zack Snyder's Justice League
Photo: Warner Bros.

The rise in anticipation for Zack Snyder’s Justice League, generally known as “The Snyder Cut” continues. One of the many questions surrounding the theatrically released version of film in the was why Superman’s journey from “rose from the dead on the wrong side of the crypt” to “actually this is pretty much the Superman we’ve wanted on screen for the last 30 years” seemed a little abbreviated.

After all, in the comics, when Superman died at the spikey hands of Doomsday, he didn’t return to primary colored and caped glory right away. Instead, he spent a little time in a black and silver Kryptonian regeneration suit before getting back into his beloved red and blue costume.

Henry Cavill even stirred up fans early in the filming of Justice League with an Instagram post that may or may not have been teasing the black and silver Superman resurrection costume from the comics. It never showed up on screen, though. And Fabian Wagner, the cinematographer on Justice League, told Inverse in 2017 that scenes were indeed filmed of Henry Cavill wearing the black and silver Superman costume.

But things have become a lot more real with the events of Justice Con, the unofficial celebration of all things Zack Snyder’s Justice League, and one not officially affiliated with Comic-Con@Home. While Warner Bros. has skipped the latter depressing substitute for SDCC in favor of their own DC Universe and DCEU celebration in August called DCFandome (which will also see the release of the official trailer for the new cut of the film), Snyder, ever the savvy manipulator of fan affection, addressed the Justice Con virtual crowd and unveiled the latest tease of new footage from the “Snyder Cut.”

And there it is! And really, that suit does look pretty darn cool on screen like that. And it’s nice to see Henry Cavill as Superman without the bizarre digital mustache removal that marred so many of his scenes in the theatrical version.

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This technically isn’t the first time we’ve seen the black Superman suit on screen, though. Another Justice League deleted scene featured it in the background of the alien “fortress” ship from Man of Steel, did show the suit, albeit not on Cavill.

Justice League Deleted Scene Snyder Cut Black Suit Superman

You can spot the black Superman suit on the left, but see that spacesuit on the right? I wonder if that’s supposed to be the movie version of the Kryptonian warsuits that were featured in the excellent World of Krypton comic by John Byrne and Mike Mignola. One of those warsuits featured heavily in Superman’s comic book return from the dead. Maybe the Snyder Cut will give us a little more of this too.

And if you’re wondering whether ANY of the scenes Joss Whedon filmed for Justice League would remain in the Snyder Cut, well…the director offered a pretty thorough debunking of that notion.

““There will be no chance on earth that I will use a shot prior or after I left the movie,” Snyder said. “I would destroy the movie, I would set it on fire before I would use a single frame that I did not photograph. That is a fucking hard fact.”

Well…ANYWHO…The Snyder Cut, or Zack Snyder’s Justice League, or whatever it ends up being called will arrive on HBO Max in 2021.