Jennifer’s Body Blu-ray review

Megan Fox joins forces with writer Diablo Cody to take the starring role in a movie for the first time. So how does Jennifer's Body fare?

Jennifer is played by Megan Fox. That means that the body the title is referring to is Megan Fox’s body. Megan Fox is Jennifer and so Jennifer’s body is Megan Fox’s body. Phwoar! I can’t wait to find out if that saucy little minx gets it all out in this film. I probably won’t even rate the film properly, just give the film a rating out of five based on how very bloody naked she is and for how long. That’s what we want to see, isn’t it, lads? Right?

Wrong. It’s not that type of review and it’s not that type of film. Granted, Megan Fox does play a seductive rascal who looks as good as Megan Fox looks, but if all you watch Jennifer’s Body for is to gawp at Megan Fox, then you’re going to miss out. If you absolutely have to, crack one off to the front cover before you watch.

The film goes like this. Needy and Jennifer are best friends. Needy is kind of nerdy and Jennifer is a cheerleader that is played by Megan Fox, so what do you think she’s like? Jennifer drags Needy to see some hip new band she’s found out about on MySpace, only for them to attempt to sacrifice her to the devil after mistaking her for a virgin. Jennifer then takes to eating some of the local boys and Needy takes it upon herself to stop her, particularly when Jennifer sets her sights on Needy’s ‘salty’ boyfriend Chip.

Imagine, if you will, that after that more-feminist-than-thou introduction, I have the nerve to tell you that the only reason I watched Jennifer’s Body was because of a feisty, foxy brunette.

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The film is written by Oscar winning screen-writer Diablo Cody, who wrote the excellent Juno (if you disagree that Juno was excellent then you probably won’t like this and, also, we can’t be friends) and the brilliant book Candy Girl.

This is her slant on the horror genre, and it’s a very fun film, indeed. It’s got a lot of trademarks she established in Juno: a strong female teenage lead, hipper than hip dialogue and cheeky humour. It’s also extremely horror nerd friendly. I love Diablo Cody’s writing in the way that I love Woody Allen’s writing. She has a distinctive voice that she injects into her work.

Now, I’m not an idiot (Oi, I heard that). I know that a lot of people will only be interested in this film for Megan Fox. It’s not entirely your fault. That is how the film was (unsuccessfully) marketed to you.

Well, Megan Fox is actually a surprise in this film, because she’s really good. Jennifer is a character that could have come across as one dimensional and clichéd, but Fox’s performance, along with the writing, ensure that the character is as much a victim as a villain. Between this and her recent digs at Michael Bay, I’m having to rethink my stance on Megan Fox.

It’s also worth noting that the whole cast of this film are great. Amanda Seyfried, in particular, is brilliant as Needy. She has great chemistry with Fox and it’s a pleasure to watch the two together (Oi, I heard that too. Dirty!).

While Jennifer’s Body is great, it does have a few problems. The music is probably a bit ‘too cool for school’ for me. I didn’t like a lot of it and found some of the songs annoying. Also, the CG gore and some of the effects are a shame. I know that’s how films get made now, and that’s something I’m going to have to deal with, but they don’t look as good as practical effects do and it is detrimental to the film.

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My only other complaint would be with the introduction to the film, which I think damages the film’s ability to create tension (because, without wishing to include any spoilers, you know that certain things can’t happen).

Otherwise, though, Jennifer’s Body is a fun, female-friendly horror flick that was, unfortunately, overlooked last year. If you get a chance, I recommend checking it out.

The Disc

The picture on this Blu-ray is very good, as you would expect from such a recent film. It’s not the type of film that you’ll want to use to show off your system, but it all looks and sounds as it should.

The film comes with two bonus features. There’s deleted scenes and a gag reel. Well, it’s listed as a gag reel, but it’s not really a gag reel at all. It has a few clips of people fluffing their lines, but they feature in what is essentially a music video along with some clips from the finished film. It’s not offensive or anything, but you’re unlikely to watch it twice.

There are six deleted scenes. A few are actually extended versions of scenes in the film. None of them are stand-out brilliant or awful, but they are worth a watch.

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The disc also contains two cuts of the film. The difference between the theatrical and extended cuts is not particularly noticeable (the run-time is only five minutes extra). The extended cut never outstays its welcome and so I’d recommend sticking to that version of the film.

I do have a major complaint about this Blu-ray. The UK release of this film is beyond disappointing. Where are all the bonus features that the region-locked US version has? One of the two missing commentary tracks featured Diablo Cody. I really wanted to hear that commentary track. This was also the case with the last Fox titled I reviewed (500 Days Of Summer). I don’t understand at all why Fox is doing this. They’re making some really good products, but then making them worse before releasing them in the UK.

So, a great film in a very frustrating package.

Film: Disc: Jennifer’s Body is out now on Blu-ray and available from the Den Of Geek Store.


4 out of 5