Guardians of the Galaxy 3: 50 Marvel Characters We Want to See

We won't see Guardians of the Galaxy 3 for a while, but we know who we'd like to see in it!

The Guardians of the Galaxy movie was a high risk, high reward situation for Marvel. It was a film that tested the waters to see if characters removed from the perceived a-list of superheroes could make it as a film property. It worked. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 opened big, and now Guardians of the Galaxy 3 is definitely happening.

Fans already know that classic Marvel cosmic concepts like the Kree and the Nova Corps will appear again, but other great Marvel spacefarers are just waiting in the wings for the Marvel Studios machine to call their names. Here is a look at some choice Marvel cosmic characters and concepts that could potentially join the cast of Guardians of the Galaxy 3

50. Wal-Russ

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #271 (1982)

Created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema

Hey, Disney, didja know you guys have the rights to a space walrus? Well, when the Mouse finds this little tidbit out, don’t be surprised if we see Rocket pal around with Wal Rus in Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Wal Rus was Rocket’s right hand, um, walrus in the raccoon’s pre-Guardians days. Wal Rus was a staunch ally, a great pilot, and like any good space walrus, could turn his tusks into firearms.

Wal Rus is good in a tussle and is sure to turn up in Marvel’s new Rocket Raccoon comic series. Disney does so love their talking animals, and here’s a marketable piece of walrus just ready for the Disney machine.

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Tusk guns, c’mon now, are we going to pretend that isn’t awesome?

49. Terrax

First appearance: Fantastic Four #211 (1979)

Created by Marv Wolfman and John Byrne

In the first film, the Guardians faced a space badass with a hammer. Well, for the next film; why not make it a space badass with an ax?

Terrax is one of the most notorious killers in the Marvel cosmos and was even a chosen Herald of Galactus. We’re not sure if Fox has the rights to Terrax because of the whole Fantastic Four deal, but if they don’t, Marvel would have a hard time finding a bigger threat to the Marvel cosmos than Terrax the Tamer, a monstrous force that fought the entire FF to a standstill and was instrumental in the formation of the New Warriors.

Hell, Vince McMahon could make Terrax versus Drax the main event at WrestleMania and I’d buy a ticket.  

48. Monark Starstalker

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere #32 (1976)

Created by Howard Chaykin

Why Monark Starstalker? Well, primarily it’s because the dude’s name is Monark Starstalker. If you are a company and hold the copyright on a swashbuckling space character named Monark Starstalker, by golly, it is your duty to exploit it.

Starstalker is psychically connected to his ship, he can synch his senses with  robotic bird named Ulysses in order to see, he can appear as anyone through his perception bending nano-cloud, become invisible, and can avoid detection by machine. He is the closest thing Marvel has to a Flash Gordon or a Buck Rogers, and would be an excellent point of view character as Marvel expands their cosmic library of characters.

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Again, I repeat, he’s a blind space swashbuckler that uses a robot bird to see the universe. What James Gunn can do with that…

47. Shuma-Gorath

First appearance: Marvel Premiere #5 (1972)

Created by Robert E. Howard, Steve Englehart, and Frank Brunner

More of an entity that would most likely appear in Doctor Strange, but as the Guardians traverse the galaxy, it would be pretty cool to see them encounter something Lovecraftian. The coolest part about the cosmic horror Shuma-Gorath is that he was created by none other than Lovecraft contemporary Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan the Barbarian. It would be unforgettable to see some old school cosmic horror pop up in Guardians as well as allowing something created by the great Howard to be part of the Marvel Universe.

Space can be a very scary place, and if the Guardians have the misfortune of peering beyond the void, Shuma-Gorath awaits. And let’s face it, whether we know it or not, we have all, at some point, wanted to see a tree fight a Lovecraftian nightmare.

46. Starfox

First appearance: Iron Man #55 (1973)

Created by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich

He was an Avenger, an Eternal, and has the misfortune of being the brother of the Mad Titan, Thanos. Most of all, Starfox has been a cool and underutilized character in his own right, a roguish love god who enjoys the finer things in life and a great adventurous spirit. As Marvel continues to populate their Cinematic Universe with more and more of their great heroes, let us not forget about Eros, a potential Guardian who could act as a romantic foil in the budding Star-Lord/Gamora relationship or serve as a story point to further the coming of Thanos.

45. Seekers 3000

First appearance: Marvel Premiere #41 (1978)

Created by Doug Moench and Tom Sutton

The Guardians aren’t the only rag tag group of space misfits flying around Marvel space. They may be obscure, but the crew that appeared in Seekers 3000 is a fondly remembered concept by those lucky enough to have stumbled across their very few appearances in quarter bins.

The basic concept is the last survivors of Earth looking for a new home, or something, but, the characters and ships are all well-designed and the concept very worthy of exploration. Heck, look at the ship on the cover of Marvel Premiere #41, a film appearance by the Seekers would be the closest thing we could possibly get to a Guardians/Star Trek crossover.

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44. The Stark

First appearance: Guardians of the Galaxy #1 (1990)

Created by Jim Valentino

James Gunn and company would have to do some story gymnastics to figure out how this despotic alien race got a hold of Tony Stark’s technology, but fans would lose their minds if this advanced race of alien conquerors appeared. You see, the Stark are an alien race who use Iron Man armor and Stark Tech to conquer planets and spread mayhem. They wrongly worship Tony Stark with a religious fervor and use his inventions to spread terror throughout the galaxy.

In the original comics, the Stark existed in the far future, but having this race of cosmic villains go up against the Guardians can provide a tether between the world of the Avengers and the world of the Guardians. Heck, Tony Stark joined the Guardians in the comics, the Stark can provide the story impetus to get the character fighting side by side with Star-Lord and Rocket, and we know we all want to see that.

Just a reminder that the leader of the Stark’s name is Taserface. I just feel you should know that. Sound familiar?

43. Doctor Minerva

First appearance Captain Marvel #50 (1977)

Created by Scott Edelman and Al Milgrom

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 moved our team away from the villainy of the Kree, but you have to believe that some Kree could still be out there that have it in for the team that took out Ronan the Accuser. In the comics, Doctor Minerva was a cold and calculating geneticist that wanted to breed with the OG space hero Captain Mar-Vell. When Mar-Vell spurned her advances, Minerva swore to take revenge on the Kree champion turned Earth hero.

In a future film, just replace Mar-Vell with Peter Quill and you have Guardians’ newest lethal lady. Heck. Doctor Minerva would also be an amazing big bad in the coming Captain Marvel film with Brie Larson.

42. Star Brand

First appearance: Star Brand #1 (1986)

Created by Jim Shooter, John Byrne, John Romita Jr.

Originally relegated to Marvel’s New Universe, the hero and concept of the Star Brand, a cosmic tattoo that grants its wearer incredible powers, has become a part of the Marvel Universe proper in the pages of The Avengers. Writer Jonathan Hickman brushed the dust off the Star Brand and created a new character to wield it, introducing a new symbol of cosmic might that could shake up the Marvel Universe proper.

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We all know Marvel loves to introduce concepts in the comics before they appear in a film, so it is conceivable that this new character could be a harbinger to a movie appearance. What better place for the wielder of the ultimate cosmic weapon than in the ultimate cosmic film franchise?

41. Malevolence

First Appearance: Guardians of the Galaxy #7 (1990)

Created by Jim Valentino

If Mephisto is to arrive in a future Doctor Strange movie, perhaps his coming can be complemented by his daughter Malevolence, a character who has faced the future Guardians in the pages of the ’90s comic. She certainly is daddy’s girl, and like Gamora and Nebula she would seek to escape the shadow of her evil father. 

40. Moondragon

First appearance: Iron Man #54 (1973)  

Created by Bill Everett, Mike Friedrich, George Tuska, and Jim Starlin

She’s Drax’s daughter, that alone makes Moondragon a no-brainer for inclusion. She’s an insanely powerful telepath, during her heel days she roofied Thor, and she has been an Avenger, Defender, and a Guardian. But most of all, during her Guardians days, she gained the ability to transform into a giant dragon, and I for one need to see a raccoon with a machine gun riding a tree riding a dragon. Plus, y’know, Drax’s daughter.

39. Molecule Man

First appearance: Fantastic Four #20 (1963)

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Owen Reece was a sickly young man doted on by his mother. He was a mama’s boy who was abused by the world around him and after an accident, became one of the most powerful beings in the cosmos. With the power to control the very fabric of reality, Molecule Man is a cosmic threat trapped in the body of a man still mourning his mother, a villain who tugs on the heart strings. If Fox doesn’t have the exclusive rights to this reluctant FF villain, Owen Reese could be a worthy candidate for the big bad of Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Marvel’s best villains are the tragic ones, and the timid but nearly omnipotent Molecule Man is as tragic as it comes.

38. Mangog

First appearance: Thor #154 (1968)

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Mangog once defeated Odin in single combat and masqueraded as the king of the gods in order to drain all the gods of Asgard of their life force. So, tell that to Loki…Mangog was replacing Odin before it was cool. In his less glamorous days, Mangog served as a minion of Thanos, a little bit of character history that could serve to thrust the cosmic killer into the film spotlight. Thanos is going to play a huge rule moving forward and he is going to need minions, lackeys, and heavies. Why not use a creature that once defeated Odin to enforce Thanos’ will?

Plus, we just need to see that awesome Jack Kirby design on the big screen.

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37. The Elders of the Universe

First appearance: Avengers #28 (1966)

Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck

We’ve had The Collector and Grandmaster is on his way to Thor: Ragnarok, but we are dying to see the rest of the cosmic bigwigs known as the Elders of the Universe. The Elders are like the McLaughlin Group but with cosmic demi-gods instead of boring guys in suits. In the comics, it was the Elders that once wielded the Infinity Gems. Thanos took them down one by one to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet. It seems Thanos is going down the same path in the films so perhaps the Elders have a role yet to play.

Many of the Elders would be perfect foils for the Guardians. Imagine The Champion against Drax or the Gardener against Groot. However you introduce this cosmic council of conceptual beings, they have been a cornerstone of the cosmic side of Marvel for decades.

36. Kang the Conqueror

First appearance: Fantastic Four #19 (1963)  

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Well, someone’s going to have to wield the Time Gem, right? It’s all a matter of TIME (get it?) before Kang pulls the villain card in a future Avengers film. Other than Ultron, Kang is probably the Avengers’ greatest adversary. Who doesn’t want to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe get timey wimey?

Kang is an evil freakin’ version of Doctor Who, and this complex baddie can be eased into the Marvel Universe via an appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Kang’s evil cannot be contained in one movie and it would be a blast to see Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Drax, and Gamora get up to some time shenanigans.

35. Pip the Troll

First appearance: Strange Tales #179 (1975)

Created by Jim Starlin

Most of the old school Infinity Watch are already part of the first movie, with Drax, Gamora, and Thanos all playing major roles. Well, it just doesn’t seem right to keep Pip, the Troll out of the proceedings. Pip was a long time ally to Adam Warlock just like Gamora and Drax and could add even more humor to the world of the Guardians. Hey…we hear that Peter Dinklage guy is pretty good, and he might just be making an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War.

34. Eternity

First appearance: Strange Tales #138 (1965)

Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

I don’t care where and I don’t care how, but somehow, somewhere, Marvel MUST include Eternity in a film. He’s the living embodiment of reality, a universe given sentience- as drawn by Steve Ditko. This needs to happen. Eternity has more of a chance of appearing in a Doctor Strange movie but, it would be really awesome to see the Guardians’ reaction if they were to witness the entire universe…walking around…in a cape. They might be the Guardians of the Galaxy, but Eternity is the Galaxy. He should probably be voiced by Stan Lee or something. 

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33. Firelord

First appearance: Thor #225 (1974)

Created by Gerry Conway and John Buscema

Not many comic beings come with the power levels of Firelord. First appearing in Thor, Firelord became a herald of Galactus, proving his cosmic badassery. Firelord served time with the future iteration of the Guardians and even joined a Guardians spin off team, the Galactic Guardians. This flame haired cosmic powerhouse is every bit as powerful as Thor or the Hulk and has a cool anti-hero vibe that would make him a perfect story engine for a future Guardians film.

The visual alone could sell Firelord, with his flaming hair and fiery staff, Firelord would just pop on the screen. Firelord also has a fierce temper which could put him at odds with the Guardians or he could even join the team as a powerhouse that rivals Drax.

32. The Spaceknights

First Appearance: Rom #1 (1979)

Created by Bill Mantlo and Sal Buscema

If Marvel had the rights to Rom you can bet your ass he would be number one on this list, but they don’t, so fans will just have to settle for the Spaceknights, which is okay because they are pretty awesome in their own right. Writer Bill Mantlo created such a riveting back story of the Galador/Wraith War in the pages of Rom, that Marvel could seriously make a trilogy of films about the conflict that would rival the scope of Star Wars.

Rom was a toy designed by Parker Brothers and licensed by Marvel. It was really just a large space knight toy that made noises, nothing more, but Mantlo and company fleshed out the hunk of plastic to such a degree that the comic lasted much longer on the stands than the toy did on the shelves. In 2000, writer of all things cosmic Jim Starlin introduced Rom’s sons, Balin and Tristan, who become the first of a new generation of Spaceknights, which is a place Marvel films can start if they were inclined to brings the Spaceknights to the big screen. Marvel may not have Rom, but they have all the concepts introduced in Rom, and those concepts are strong enough to become a huge property.


First appearance The Avengers #19 (1965)

Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck

Mantis was a compelling and hilarious addition to the Guardians, and we want more of the bug lady! Did you know that the comic book version of Mantis was once engaged to the former combat mentor of Clint Barton? After Mantis joined the Avengers, she met and fell in love with the Swordsman. Mantis inspired Swordsman to give up his villainous ways and the two became quite the item. Well, until Swordsman died and was replaced by the spirit of a vegetable alien. But that’s a story for another time…

With the Guardians on their way to Earth, it would be quite cool indeed if we learned more about Hawkeye’s past and tied that past into the next chapter of Mantis’ cinematic evolution. Swordsman is a master combatant that could hold his own against any Guardian and it would be fitting if one of Marvel’s strangest couples joined together in the always weird world of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

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30. Shocket Raccoon

First Appearance Howard the Duck #1 (2016)

Created by Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones

If you thought Rocket was unique think again. Meet Shocket Raccoon, a female counterpart to Rocket genetically engendered by The Collector to breed with Rocket. Listen, Peter and Gamora are a bee’s eye lash away from hooking up, Drax and Mantis have this strange little almost romance going, so it’s time for Rocket to find love amongst the stars.

Shocket is every inch the space badass as Rocket and would be a perfect companion for everyone’s favorite intergalactic trash panda. In the comics, Rocket and Howard the Duck help Shocket escape the Collector’s menagerie and all of a sudden, Rocket isn’t so alone in the galaxy. In every film, Rocket finds a bit more heart, maybe it’s time he gave that heart to a woman that was literally made for him. And listen, Shocket is an excellent pilot and likes to make things go boom. The Guardians can always use one more of those types.

29. Supreme Intelligence

First appearance: Fantastic Four #65 (1967)

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Forget Doctor Who’s the Face of Boe, the Supreme Intelligence is sci-fi’s original gross floaty head. The Supreme Intelligence is the master planner of the Kree, a race that featured so prominently in the Guardians movie and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. With a Ms. or Captain Marvel film so often talked about, we are going to have to meet the Kree boss sooner or later, and the next Guardians film could be the perfect place. The Supreme Intelligence is also the title Den of Geek editor Mike Cecchini forces his staff to refer to him as.

28. The Beyonder

First appearance: Secret Wars #1 (1984)

Created by Jim Shooter and Mike Zeck

Want to send a Marvel fan into paroxysms of glee? Just say three words: cinematic Secret Wars. How are the Avengers and Guardians going to end up meeting? (Because they will)

Well, if not to stop Thanos, then how about Secret Wars, a gathering of Marvel’s greatest in a contest of champions? The Beyonder’s name still carries cache with fans who remembers Marvel’s first crossover event, but please Marvel, lose the soul glow ‘fro.

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27. The Stranger

First appearance: Uncanny X-Men #11 (1965)

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

The Stranger may have first appeared in the X-Men, but the mysterious space giant with the Ron Swanson mustache has long been a force in the Marvel Cosmos taking on the Silver Surfer, the Hulk, the Fantastic Four, and even the Champions (we love the Champions…someone has to). The Stranger played an important role in the Infinity Gauntlet opposing Thanos and has long been trying to inflict his will on the people of Earth, something that would surely piss of Peter Jason Quill and the Guardians should they ever run afoul of ol’ space mustache here.

26. Celestials

First appearance: Eternals #1 (1976)

Created by Jack Kirby

We got a teasing glimpse of them in the first film, and had their story fleshed out by Ego, but the story of the Celestials is so epic it is more than worthy of further screen time. The Celestials are unknowable space gods who travel the cosmos judging if planets are worthy of life. Thumbs down means it’s all over.

The Celestials were created by the cosmic deity Jack Kirby and have always been one of the more awesome spectacles of Cosmic Marvel. 

This article is very long, hence the two pages….

25. High Evolutionary

First appearance: Thor #134 (1966)

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Highly evolved trees, raccoons, assassins…these beings would all be attractive objects of study for the cosmic geneticist, the High Evolutionary. If Marvel chooses to delve into the origins of Rocket or Groot, the High Evolutionary could be brought in to explain the creation of these strange individuals. The character also played a pivotal role in the history of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, two characters who are ready to shake the world of Marvel films.

Imagine the Guardians against a horde of the Evolutionary’s Ani-Men; it is certainly possible as the High Evolutionary has long been a staple of cosmic Marvel tales going so far as to build a duplicate Earth populated by his experiments. A Guardians visit to Counter-Earth could certainly make for some intriguing sequel fodder.

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24. Noh-Varr

First appearance: Marvel Boy #1 (2000)

Created by Grant Morrison and J. G. Jones

He’s the most dangerous kid in the universe. He’s the brain child of the great Grant Morrison and the brilliant J.G. Jones. He’s Marvel Boy, also known as Noh-Varr, and where he goes insane action follows.

Noh-Varr has the cheeky factor that would make him a perfect member of the Guardians. Or, his Kree heritage could put him at odds with Quill and company before his more rebellious nature takes over. This Young Avenger is one of those great fringe characters, like all the Guardians themselves once were, and could be a great addition to any film.

23. Power Pack

First Appearance: Power Pack #1 (1984) 

Created by Louise Simonson and June Brigman

While the Power Pack kids are Earth based, their origins are very cosmic. In a future Guardians installment, Marvel could introduce two new alien races, the horse like Kymellian and the lizard like Snark, the two warring races instrumental in giving the Power family their powers.

Power Pack has a perfect Disney vibe. The tale of four siblings granted cosmic powers as a result of the fallout of the Snark/Kymellian war would fascinate young fans, and give the Marvel Universe a new perspective, that of a group of children. The kids have their own sentient smartship named Friday and a Kymellian pal named Whitey, very cool elements of a very cool story. Young fans deserve their own heroes, and the cosmic powered Power Pack would be a perfect ground floor entry point for kids just getting into the MU and they could be introduced in a very back door way via the Guardians.

22. Angela

First appearance: Spawn #9 (1993)

Created by Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane

The arrival of Angela to a Guardians of the Galaxy film could accomplish three things:

1. It could cause Todd McFarlane to prolapse.

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2. It could add another kickass woman to the Guardians’ ranks.

3. It would provide a tie to the world of Thor.

Recently, Marvel revealed that Angela is Thor’s sister. If Marvel wants to tighten their franchises, a familial Asgardian bond would do just that. Plus, Gamora needs a BFF to bust some heads with.

21. Magus

First Appearance: Strange Tales #178 (1975)

Created by Jim Starlin

After Guardians Vol. 2, it seems that Adam Warlock appearing in a future Marvel movie seems to be a foregone conclusion. But Warlock and his fellow space heroes are going to need a worthy villain. Who better than Warlock’s evil twin, the fiendish Magus?

Other than Thanos, Magus was Warlock’s greatest villain. If Guardians of the Galaxy 3 or beyond is to up the ante, Marvel is going to have to get bigger and better villains for each film. They don’t come any badder than Magus, a villain that once made Thanos blink. And hey, Marvel could save on their budget by having an actor pull a Tatiana Maslany and play both hero and villain.  

20. Bug

First appearance: Micronauts #1 (1979)

Created by Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden

When Abnett and Lanning reformed the Guardians, Bug was along for the ride. He was just as vital to the new Guardians as Rocket and Groot and gave the series an even quirkier sense of humor and strangeness, but when the first movie was announced, Bug was nowhere to be found. It’s only fair that the character who helped form the new Guardians will eventually be included in a film. Bug was created by the great Bill Mantlo, the same author who gave the world Rocket Raccoon.

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Bug helped start it all, so c’mon Marvel, give this swashbuckling sentient insect a break.  

19. Badoon

First appearance: Silver Surfer #2 (1968)

Created by Stan Lee and John Buscema

They were the first adversaries the original Guardians ever faced. In the far future, the Badoon had conquered the known galaxy, and only four brave individuals stood in their way. Since then, the Badoon have been scourges of both the regular Marvel Universe and the far flung future. The Badoon operate with a strict gender driven caste system, with their women just as deadly and bloody thirsty as their men, which could make for a fascinating film dynamic.

The Badoon’s history stretches back just as far as the Guardians, and it is only fair that these lizard-like killers would be up for film consideration.

18. Korvac

First appearance: Giant-Size Defenders #3 (1975)

Created by Steve Gerber and Jim Starlin

One of Marvel’s greatest storylines was the Korvac Saga, a story that redefined cosmic storytelling in the Bronze Age. In fact, it was Korvac that brought the original Guardians and the Avengers together for the first time. And, hey wait, the threat of Korvac began when perennial Guardians baddies the Badoon fused his body to a machine, thus driving Korvac mad. It seems that the stars are aligning for a Guardians appearance for Korvac, an A-list cosmic baddie that could very well be even more dangerous than Thanos himself.

17. Killraven

First appearance: Amazing Adventures vol. 2, #18 (1973)

Created by Roy Thomas, Neal Adams, and Gerry Conway

Want to see Rocket, Groot, Star-Lord, Gamora, and Drax take on the aliens from War of the Worlds? Of course you do, and that’s just what a cinematic meeting between the Guardians and Killraven would provide. In 2009, former GoTG scribe Jim Valentino said his future plans for the book included Killraven joining the team, so there is your historic Guardians connection. 

16. Justice

First appearance: Giant-Size Defenders #5 (1975)

Created by Don Heck and Gerry Conway

Ok, try to follow this now. Vance Astro was a young astronaut who became trapped 1000 years in the future and became an original member of the Guardians in the year 3000. When a young, present day Vance Astrovik met his future self and learned he would be trapped in a containment suit and lost in time for 1000 years, the young man’s life gets set down a different path. So, the modern day Vance Astro becomes the Avenger known as Justice while the future timeline in the Guardians becomes an alternate reality.

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Whew, if you have any more questions about all that, call Stephen Hawking, but until then, imagine if Justice took part in a Guardians film in order to introduce the future version of the team. Sounds, unlikely, but so did a single Guardians film at one point. 

15. Phylla-Vell

First appearance: Captain Marvel (vol. 4) #16 (2003)

Created by Peter David and Paul Azaceta

Phylla-Vell is the bearer of two cosmic Marvel legacies, and as such, might have to be introduced way down the road, but she was a major character in Abnett and Lanning’s run in the comics and as such, she deserves her place in the film legacy. Phylla is the daughter of the original Captain Mar-Vell and a wielder of the Quantum bands of Quasar. She carried both legacies with honor and dignity and was Peter Quill’s second in command in the new Guardians early days. 

14. Mephisto

First appearance: Silver Surfer #3 (1968)

Created by Stan Lee and John Buscema

Another character that will probably play a role in the Doctor Strange franchise at some point, but Marvel’s resident Satan stand-in has a long history of being a major player in the Marvel cosmos. From his first appearance in the pages of Silver Surfer to his role as Thanos’ toady in the pages of Infinity Gauntlet, Mephisto has tempted wayward souls the galaxy over.

I’m sure Mephisto has something to offer Drax, like vengeance, Gamora, like freedom from Thanos, or the shockingly broken Rocket, like a cure for the crippling pain caused by his cybernetics. Mephisto is one of Marvel’s great evils and could provide a unique challenge for the newly formed champions of the cosmos.

13. Beta Ray Bill

First appearance: Thor #337 (1983)

Created by Walt Simonson

Many fans will be crushingly disappointed if Beta Ray Bill never makes a film appearance. Marvel seems to like to do a slow burn with many of their characters. Look at Crossbones; Marvel devoted a whole movie setting up the mercenary in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, so perhaps the brave Korbonite Bill can first appear in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 before a fateful meeting with Thor.

He’s a noble alien with a horse skull for head who has the honor and heart to lift Thor’s hammer and his inclusion in any Marvel film would make people’s head explode.

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12. Death

First appearance: Captain Marvel #27 (1973)

Created by Mike Friedrich and Jim Starlin

Where there is Thanos, there is Death. Thanos’ beloved, the hooded embodiment of the end, should make an appearance before the Thanos saga is over. Something about that cloaked figure and her skull visage standing next to Thanos is so iconic. Death’s inclusion would make audiences understand (and fear) Thanos as he tries to burn a galaxy to win her love.

11. Captain Universe

First Appearance: Micronauts #8 (1979) 

Created by Bill Mantlo and Michael Golden

Imagine a character of unlimited cosmic power possessing everyday people around the universe, transforming them into the near omnipotent Captain Universe. Those chosen by divine providence receive the power for a limited time, allowing them to gain great powers in a time of crisis. It’s like Quantum Leap meets Superman, a concept that never became super popular in the comics, but a strong concept that could set up some good character arcs. Or, the power could serve as a wild card in future Thor or Guardians films. Especially if the Captain Universe powers chose a character like Rocket Raccoon.

10. The Sentry

First Appearance: The Sentry #1 (2000) 

Created by Paul Jenkins, Jae Lee, and Rick Veitch

The newer fans coming into the Marvel Universe through film and television would certainly be riveted by a character that is essentially a completely insane version of Superman. Marvel could introduce the Sentry’s dark half, the Void, in any of the cosmic films and tie that into the introduction of Robert Reynolds on Earth. He would be a hell of an enemy or ally for the Avengers.

Think about how fans would see the super-beings of the Marvel Universe after witnessing the story of one of the most powerful of these beings completely losing control. So look out, a completely squirrel nuts crazy version of Superman could potentially be on the horizon.


First appearance Marvel Presents #4 (1976)

Created by Steve Gerber and Al Milgrom

Nikki the Mercurian was the first woman to join the ranks of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Nikki was a member of the future Guardians, but now that Stakar, Martinex, Charlie 27 and a few other members of the original Guardians have arrived to the MCU, it’s only right that the Guardians’ first lady comes with them.

Nikki is a highly agile, happy go lucky, flame headed warrior that can withstand intense heat. She has pulled the original Guardians’ fat out of the fire many times and would be a welcome addition to the Marvel cinematic cosmos. And you know, fire hair is never not awesome.

8. Annihilus

First appearance Fantastic Four Annual #6 (1968)

Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Yeah, we know, Annihilus is probably part of Fox’s Fantastic Four deal, but hey, that’s what we thought about the Watchers, so hope springs eternal. In the comics, there would not be a Guardians of the Galaxy without Annihilus. Annihilus kicked off the comic Marvel resurgence that led to the forming of the modern day Guardians and Annihilus and his Annihilation Swarm were the big bads and that unspeakably amazing space opera.

Annihilus is one of Marvel’s cosmic heavies and has held his own against every Marvel hero and heroic team. We have our doubts the Fox will ever risk another FF movie, but now that Marvel’s cosmic side of its film ‘verse is front and center, we just need to see Annihilus come to life on film. Imagine Annihilus’ Swarm facing down the Guardians, the Nova Corps, and the Ravagers led by Sly Stallone. Yeah, I just peed a little, too.

7. Eternals

First appearance: The Eternals #1 (1976)

Created by Jack Kirby

I don’t know about you, but any time they mention Celestials in these movies, I’m just filled with an overwhelming desire for an Eternals film. How many Kirby creations should populate the Marvel filmverse? Probably all of them. The creation of the Eternals in 1976 marked The King’s return to Marvel and the race of god like beings are still facinating.

Ikaris, Thena, Makkari, Sersi, and the rest of the heavenly beings that make up Kirby’s immortal race are rich enough to warrant their own feature, but their inclusion in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 could further drive home how rich and diverse the Marvel cosmos is. Plus, they count as one of their own the mad god Thanos, so as Marvel informs fans of Thanos’ background, they could utilize the past history of Kirby’s last great Marvel creation to further explore Thanos and the far reaches of the galaxy.

6. J’Son of Spartax

First appearance: Marvel Preview #11

Created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne

In the comics, J’Son of Spartax is the father of Peter Quill and a huge part of modern Guardians’ lore. It would be a shame to forget about the Emperor of the Spartax. J’Son of Spartax is one of the Guardians’ greatest foes, and in recent years, Quill became the ruler of the Spartax after defeating J’Son.

We would love to see Emperor Quill take center stage in a future Guardians film and we know that James Gunn can make that happen even if Peter Qull has already solved his daddy issues.

5. Quasar

First Appearance: Captain America #217 (1978) 

Created by Don Glut, Roy Thomas, John Buscema

You can’t have cosmic without the cosmic protector. With Quasar, Marvel can do right what Green Lantern did so wrong, since Quasar’s power set is very similar to Green Lantern’s. Quasar creates light constructs using his Quantum Bands and is the galaxy’s chosen protector from all things cosmic. Whether in his own feature, a guest spot on Agents of SHIELD (he was sort of name dropped in one episode), a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy 2, or a debut on the biggest stage of them all, a future Avengers film, Vaughn is a grounded cosmic champion, an everyday dude thrown into the extraordinary worlds of cosmic Marvel.

4. Adam Warlock

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #66-67 (1967) 

Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Roy Thomas, Gil Kane

We’ve been screaming for Warlock ever since the first Guardians and with Ayesha’s fateful words, it looks like we will soon get our wish. It’s ironic that two of Adam Warlock’s supporting cast members made their film debut while Warlock himself is presumably still in that cocoon. Gamora and Drax started out as cast members of Warlock’s Bronze Age title, Gamora as his lover and Drax as his ally in Warlock’s seemingly eternal battle against Thanos.  

Both characters went on to become members of the Guardians of the Galaxy with Warlock, but as far as the film goes, Warlock is conspicuous by his absence. It’s hard to imagine any Thanos story without Warlock, the yin to Thanos’ yang, the light to Thanos’ shadow. Warlock’s roots go deep into the Marvel Universe and any attempt at fleshing out the cosmic side of Marvel films would need Adam Warlock. After all, without Warlock there would have never been a Thanos!

And now, we should be getting Warlock’s arrival sooner rather than later. Wait a second, with Warlock on his way, the War of the Infinity Stones about to be fought with Thanos, and Drax and Gamora firmly in place, can we be getting an MCU Infinity Watch? Oh, dare to dream!

3. Captain Marvel (any of ’em)

First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes #12 (1968) 

Created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan

The name Captain Marvel is a long and storied one in the annals of Marvel history and the name deserves to live on beyond the printed page. The saga of Captain Marvel could be a daring film project as Marvel would be introducing a character, the original Captain Marvel, who ultimately, is doomed to die. Captain Marvel’s death from cancer stands as one of the great Marvel tragedies and his heroism is an enduring legacy that was passed down to Carol Danvers and his children Genis and Phyla.

We know we’ll get to see Carol Danvers fight side by side with the Avengers, but her origin and history is so intertwined with Captain Marvel that it would take additional films to tell Marvel’s story before his tragic and ironically human death.

2. Nova

First Appearance: Nova #1 (1976)

Created by Marv Wolfman and John Buscema

The Nova Corps played a prominent role in Guardians of the Galaxy, with the great Glenn Close as Nova Prime, so it is really only a matter of time until the Nova power arrives on Earth looking for Richard Rider or Sam Alexander. Again, Nova can allow Marvel to do a Green Lantern type movie right, as the Nova Corps are an intergalactic police force of many different species from many different worlds. Rider or Alexander would be perfect candidates to join the ranks of the Guardians or the Avengers, or both, as, perhaps, Rider can join with the Guardians and Sam can fight alongside the Avengers.

1. The Silver Surfer

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #48 (1966)

Created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee

Yes, I know, the Surfer is owned by Fox, but so are Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. I know, the Surfer already appeared in a Fox film and his inclusion in the Marvel Universe of films is unlikely. But, if Norrin Radd is part of that weird twilight area between Marvel and Fox, well, he just has to make an appearance in the Marvel Universe. The Surfer is the granddaddy of cosmic Marvel and no matter how big the scope gets, things just won’t feel complete without the Silver Surfer.