Gran Torino trailer

Clint’s back in front of the camera, and from the look of the trailer, the years haven't mellowed him any...

While Clint Eastwood’s Changeling is gathering attention, he has another film on the horizon that has me even more excited.

Gran Torino was once rumoured as being the return of Dirty Harry and while that turns out not to be the case, it does appear to be the return of Clint the action hero. As unlikely as that sounds for a guy pushing 80, this trailer shows Eastwood in fine, hard-nosed form as an unflinchingly racist Korean War veteran who unwillingly gets drawn into protecting himself and his community when some local hoodlums try to steal his gorgeous Gran Torino car.

The trailer sets up his character nicely and it has to be said that our Clint isn’t playing a likeable guy here, his racist attitude towards his far-eastern neighbours all too clear. Throw in relationship issues with his family and an unhealthy attitude towards the local priest and you’ve got one embittered chap.

However, the trailer suggests something of a redemption movie as we see Clint defending his neighbours against the gang of young thugs. And that’s when all the fun starts. Eastwood grabs a gun, dons his best grizzled look and then lets his fists do the talking. Best line? ‘Ever notice how you come across somebody every once in a while you shouldn’t-a messed with? That’s me’. Hard. As. Nails.

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The last time I was this excited after watching a trailer was for The Dark Knight. If what’s suggested in the two and half minutes on show follow through to the film, it looks like we’re in for a downbeat action film with plenty of heart, something Eastwood’s done many times before.

That he looks capable of passing it off in his 70s is truly remarkable.

Watch it here.