Garfield’s Ultimate Guide to Housekeeping

Garfield and the Roborock intelligent robot vacuum team up to give us the ultimate guide to housekeeping!

Photo: Roborock and Sony Pictures

This article is presented by Roborock.

The start of The Garfield Movie finds Garfield and Odie taking it easy, riding atop a Roborock intelligent robot vacuum cleaning their owner Jon’s floor. Garfield and Roborock both know that the real fun of cleaning – is not having to do it yourself. 

Garfield has long been a proud indoor cat, who knows the pleasures of taking it easy and pulling pranks. But Garfiled also appreciates the finer things in life, such as a plate of steaming lasagna, snuggling with his toy bear Pooky, and, of course, a clean house. 

Roborock also understands the importance of taking it easy and living a fun life, without sacrificing the pleasure of a clean and comfortable home. Roborock designed the S8 MaxV Ultra robot vacuum and the Flexi Pro wet-dry vacuum for people who think like Garfield, people who enjoy a pampered life in a dirt-free house.  

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Here’s a guide to keeping your house tidy—the hands-free Garfield and Roborock way!

1. Work Smarter, Not Harder

The Garfield Movie takes Garfield far out of his element. When his long lost father Vic shows up, Garfield has to not only leave the house, but also participate in a heist at the behest of the cunning Jinx. 

That’s a lot of effort for even the most energetic housecat. Fortunately, Garfield doesn’t have to work so hard when he gets back home. That’s where Jon uses the Roborock Flexi Pro vacuum, with its Dirtect adaptive cleaning ability. The Roborock Flexi Pro automatically adjusts its cleaning power to match the dirt levels of the floor. With the Roborock Flexi Pro cleaning up messes on the floor, Garfield only needs to worry about the messes that Vic made for him. 

2. Let Someone Else Do the Dirty Work

The Garfield Movie starts at the beginning, before Garfield became the larger than life ball of wit we love. First, he’s a wide-eyed kitten, left cold, alone, and hungry on the street. That’s where he spies Jon Arbuckle, also lonely, but enjoying a pizza in a warm Italian restaurant. 

The two form a quick bond, but they may not agree on their roles. Jon sees Garfield as his pet, someone to provide companionship and joy. Garfield knows that Jon is his servant, someone who brings food and cleans up the place. 

Jon and Garfield don’t have to worry about these misunderstandings when it comes to their S8 MaxV Ultra robot vacuum from Roborock. The S8 Max series of vacuums stand ready to do the dirty work. All you have to say is “Hello, Rocky,” and the S8 Max Series vacuums come to life, even without a WiFi connection. 

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3. Get It Over With Fast 

Garfield might be a lazy cat, but he sure does find some energy whenever Jon needs to clean him. He complains, runs away, and fights Jon every step of the way.

Fortunately, Jon doesn’t have to work nearly as hard when it comes to upkeep on his Roborock Flexi Pro wet-dry vacuum. The Roborock Flexi Pro wet-dry vacuum not only does the dirty work of cleaning up Jon’s floor, but it also cleans itself when the base detects dirty rollers. All you have to do is put the Flexi Pro in and the base takes it from there, ensuring a faster and simpler job the next time you clean. No wrestling or bribing necessary. 

4. Play to Your Strengths

You wouldn’t know it to look at him, but Garfield knows a thing or two about cleaning up. Put lasagna in front of him, and he’ll have that pan clean in seconds. If he sees a pizza, it will be gone immediately, not even a crumb left behind. 

Need another example of Garfield getting the job while playing to his strengths? In the Roborock x Garfield video above, the lazy feline is happy to ride around the kitchen, sipping on his refreshing soft drink while the Roborock intelligent robot vacuum cleaner does all of the work!

5. Understand Your Challenges

In The Garfield Movie, Garfield’s day goes from bad to worse. By the time he’s pulled into a mission with Vic, Garfield knows who to blame. “Are you sure it’s not a Monday?” he asks. “Sure feels like a Monday.”

Garfield knows better than to trust a Monday, and usually finds a way to avoid the day altogether. Jon’s challenges are a bit more lovable. Like any pet owner, Jon understands that his pets make a mess. 

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But like a smart pet owner, Jon knows that Roborock makes his life a whole lot easier. Jon has a pet-friendly S8 Max V Ultra robot vacuum, which automatically identifies pet supplies and boosts its suction power, ensuring a better clean. The S8 Max V Ultra can even help owners find their pets, even when those pets have a uniquely terrible Monday.

6. Have the Right Tools

When it comes time to break into Lactose Farms in The Garfield Movie, Garfield and Odie get some help from an expert. The bull Otto grew up on the farm and he knows the way in, especially if they can reunite him with his beloved Ethel. With that knowledge comes the right tools to outsmart the dedicated animal control officer Marge.

Most of us won’t have to do anything quite so daring. But we do know the struggle of keeping a clean house. Fortunately, Roborock has the right tools for us. The worry-free intelligent robot vacuums offered by Roborock make cleaning easy. With features such as app connectivity and pet-friendly versatility, the Roborock intelligent vacuums make sure cat and owner can both enjoy the benefits of a clean house without doing any cleaning at all. 

The Garfield Movie is in theaters now.