Fired Up movie trailer

What did the dude from Heroes do next? Made a not very good film from the looks of it...

Remember West Rosen? He was the dude who could fly in Heroes. No, not the dull one. The excruciatingly dull one. Yeah, you remember. Claire’s thankless love interest from season 2, erased from all existence in season 3, presumably never to return.

Been missing him? Want to see more of his boyish good looks, his winning, shit-eating smile, and his soulless eyes? Well fear not as just around the corner is a ‘hilarious’ movie starring him and some other bloke called Eric Christian Olsen (no relation to the twins, I think) who has previously starred as a younger than young Lloyd Christmas in the prequel to the prequel, Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (how do these things get commissioned?).

The plot for Fired Up centres around a couple of jocks (the very manly named Shawn Colfax and Nick Brady) who switch American football camp for cheerleading camp (?!?!) and the poster tagline is ‘2 guys. 300 girls. Now there’s something to cheer about.’ Quite.

This is a crap trailer. There’s no getting away from it. Trying to recreate the magic of similarly themed US college comedies, there are girls a-plenty, wisecracks and American rawk (in this case Weezer’s Troublemaker). However, not one of the wisecracks raises a smile, the two male leads are devoid of any star quality whatsoever, and the girls… well, other than flashing the flesh and bitching in an all-too familiar style, the girls appear to serve only as a foil for the boys to do their thing.

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Their ‘thing’ will no doubt prove to be a bunch of flimsily put together comedic set pieces that see them placed in some outrageous scenarios (the end of the trailer has them inexplicably practicing cheerleader moves, naked, while a teacher pervs over them), discover that there’s more to life than just goofing around, and, inevitably, get the girl. It’s the most dishearteningly familiar movie genre in recent times, and it lost its appeal the day American Wedding graced our cinema screens.

West Rosen (real name Nicholas D’Agosto) is back, and it’s deeply depressing.

See it for yourself here: