Exclusive: Patrick Wilson Talks About Setting For The Conjuring 2 [Hint: It’s Not Amityville]

Patrick Wilson sits down with Den of Geek to discuss Insidious Chapter 2, but helps confirm some rumors about the plot of The Conjuring 2 and its decidedly less well-known setting.

Over the weekend, we had the chance to sit down for a round of interviews with Patrick Wilson and other members of the cast and crew of Insidious Chapter 2 (don’t worry those interviews are coming). However, during our discussion with Patrick Wilson, the subject inevitably veered from one horror franchise currently helmed by James Wan to another. In that other newly minted franchise, Wilson plays Ed Warren, the only non-clergy man recognized as a demonologist by the Vatican. Throughout the 20th century he and his wife, Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga), investigated thousands of cases besides the one in this summer’s The Conjuring. This also goes beyond their most famous case, The Amityville Horror, as well. So, when I asked him about the prospect of the plot for The Conjuring 2, Wilson just smiled and had some interesting things to say.  Den of Geek: In your research for The Conjuring, did you read of any particular Ed and Lorraine cases that you could see being adapted into a movie down the line? Patrick Wilson: You digging for a sequel? [Laughs.] I mean we’re going to do a sequel to that. Yeah, [Screenwriters Chad and Carey Hayes] have come up…But they said one about a case in London about two sisters that were possessed. I mean there are thousands of cases, so there may be more than one. I don’t know, I have not read a script. DoG: Did you read about this case in your research? Wilson: About which case? DoG: About the London case with two sisters. Wilson: Yeah…Yeah…Yeah. [Laughs] Well if you go to The Demonologist [the Gerald Brittle book about the career and lives of Ed and Lorraine Warren], in the latter half of that book, it gets pretty intense and insane…  Wilson is speaking of the 1977 case of Janet and Peggy Hodgson, two sisters purportedly haunted by paranormal activity in the English Borough of Enfield (a northern suburb of London), much to the interest and fascination of British newspapers for over a year. When Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated, Ed Warren claimed to have seen 11-year-old Janet levitate from her bed, as well as other unsetting contortions that suggested, to his and Lorraine’s diagnosis, demonic possession. The story has been rumored before as the plot when Lorraine Warren spoke with an unnamed source at Ain’t It Cool News. As always, there is controversy and dispute about the findings. The Conjuring was the sleeper hit of the summer, gaining over $125 million in the U.S. box office alone (it still may cross $200 million worldwide). You can read our review HERE. Wilson can next be seen in Insidious Chapter 2, which opens on September 13 in the U.S. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for all news updates related to the world of geek. And Google+, if that’s your thing!