Digimon: The Movie Now Owned By Disney

Thanks to the Disney/Fox deal, the greatest film of our time is now owned by the company that once owned Digimon outright.

You weren’t thinking about Digimon during all that talk of the Fox buy out by Disney, were you? Well while you were getting hyped for all the X-Men in the MCU theories (or you know, thinking about how horrible monopolies are) the people at Crunchyroll noted that what was perhaps the greatest film of 2000 (and perhaps of all) is now under Disney’s control.

Digimon: The Movie.

Yep, that’s right. The mouse owns that wonderful hodgepodge film filled with endless puns and dated as hell music cues. That and beef jerky shakes. Could this mean we’ll finally get a rerelease of the film on home media after it’s been out of print for years? Doubtful, but a fan can hope.

It should be noted however that this isn’t the first time Disney has touched Digimon. When Disney bought out the rights for the Fox Family channel (they were even buying Fox then!) they also snagged the rights to a bunch of different shows including Digimon. They dubbed several more films in the series (the first was done by Fox originally) and released a full dub of the fifth season.

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While the rights for that fifth season seem to have been transferred to Saban Brands a few years back there’s no word on those other movies Disney dubbed. Maybe now that they’re all under the Disney label with the original (American) Digimon: The Movie we can get a nice complete boxset. 

A fan can dream.

Come on Disney, give us what we want. Blu-ray of the Digi-Rap. The Disney-volution is up and running. Disney see? Disney hear? Disney know it was comin’?

Shamus Kelley is way too proud of that funky fresh rhyme. Follow him on Twitter!