Dance Flick trailer

The Wayans brothers have another hilarious parody lined up for us. Lucky us.

Imagine a world where a film by the Wayans Brothers grosses a worldwide total of over $300,000,000. Well, imagine no more as that travesty of a figure was true of Scary Movie, the brothers’ most successful movie to date.

As a result of those frankly astonishing takings, coupled with the modest (and confusing) success of their subsequent efforts, the Wayans continue to be given licence to parody films of all shapes and sizes. In Dance Flick they’re taking on the teen dance movie, and the result is the least amusing trailer I believe I’ve seen this year or last.

The thing about parody is that it’s very, very simple to pick a genre and copy it, using make-up, vocal talents and all manner of well put-together sets. If you forget to add any jokes, however, it falls flat, and the Wayans are masters of the letdown.

This trailer begins with a CGI newborn baby on a dance floor, ends with an extremely weak gag about a penis and in between features not one joke that raises even a chuckle.

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It will no doubt taste moderate box office success, of course, and the Wayans will soon be back to parody war movies in a film called Kill Hitler or Strike it Reich, but that doesn’t mean their thousands of fans can’t be wrong. Because they are. The Wayans brothers are utter crap. End of.

See the trailer in all its glory here:

18 December 2008