Christmas 2017: Our Blu-ray and DVD gift guide

Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Dr Who, The Simpsons and everything you need for an entertaining Christmas and New Year at home.

Christmas is almost here! Huzzah! Everyone loves a DVD (or Bluray) in their stocking and we’ve got some great ideas for you….

The James Bond Collection 1-24

The James Bond collection is something that every movie fan worth their salt should have in their collection. From Sean Connery in the Dr. No in 1962 to Daniel Craig in the latest Bond film Spectre, this box set will be a big tribute to the most iconic and enduring secret agent in movie history. 

Buy The James Bond Collection from Amazon

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Peaky Blinders: Series 1-3 

Peaky Blinders is an epic gangster drama located in the streets of post-war Birmingham on the verge of the 1920s. According to The Independent, it’s the ‘Britain’s best drama’ that all geeks should have in their collection.

Buy Peaky Blinders: Series 1-3 box set from Amazon

Game of Thrones Season 1-7

Winter is here so it’s definitely the best time of the year for all Game of Thrones’ die-hard fans to rewatch this additive series. For other fans who have felt hesitant about investing in the show, you should definitely give it a chance. Well written, well acted and well shot, this series is packed with multidimensional characters, political games, backstabbing plots, and moral ambiguity.

Buy Game of Thrones Season 1-7 from Amazon

For those who already have seasons 1-6, you can grab the latest season here

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Doctor Who: Series 10

This is a perfect gift for Doctor Who fans up and down the counrty (and around the world). Expect laughter, danger and exhilarating escapades in this season under the helm of lead writer and executive producer Steven Moffat. 

Buy Doctor Who The Complete Series 10 from Amazon

The Crown: Season 1

Netflix’s royal family drama The Crown dramatises the personal and political events surrounding the first decade of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign from 1952. It’s perfect for anyone who loves history, melodrama and people talking in unbelievably posh accents.

Buy The Crown: Season 1 from Amazon

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The Walking Dead: Season 7

If you only watch one TV series in your life, The Walking Dead is the one. Gripping from start to finish with incredible acting, this recently released box set is highly recommended for any movie or TV fan.

Buy The Walking Dead Season 7 from Amazon

The Simpsons: The Eighteenth season

A very cromulent present for any Simpsons fans that will truly embiggen them. Order now from Amazon.

John Wick: Chapter 1 & 2

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Fast and furious from start to finish, the John Wicks are great action movies that will leave you exhausted from the comfort of your sofa. John Wick: Chapter 1 & 2 are a great gift for any action fan or anyone wanting to catch up on before John Wick 3 comes out in 2019.

Buy John Wick: Chapters 1 & 2 from Amazon

Justice League

Following Man Of Steel, Batman V Superman and this year’s Wonder Woman, Justice League brings together the surviving heroes, along with three new ones, to form a super-powered platoon capable of preventing Steppenwolf’s box collecting antics from getting out of hand. Is Justice League the superhero event of 2017? You should find out…..

Buy Justice League from Amazon

Harry Potter – Complete 8-Film Collection 

Let’s make this Christmas more magical with Harry Potter, his pals and the odd dementor.

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Buy Harry Potter – Complete 8 Film Collection from Amazon

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

The Last Jedi may be the movie of this festive season, but don’t forget about last year’s big hit, Rogue One. You can buy Rogue One: A Star Wars Story from Amazon and you can also get Star Wars: The Original Trilogy if you’re feeling a bit retro.

Star Trek

Another awesome collection of original movies and prequels! If you have never seen any Star Trek in the cinema, these Blu-rays promise to offer you an excellent experience of amazing cinematography and sound.

Order Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness & Star Trek Beyond now from Amazon to have them arrive before Christmas.

To rewatch Star Trek The Original Series, order it here.

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Spider-Man Homecoming

A super gathering of cast, humor, action, twists and a few cameos from The Avengers, Spider-Man Homecoming is another well-made comic book movie from Marvel. 

Buy Spider-Man Homecoming from Amazon


Dunkirk is another epic action thriller made by Christopher Nolan  (‘Interstellar,’ ‘Inception,’ ‘The Dark Knight’ Trilogy). The final years of WWII is unfolded on land, sea and air through fascinating cinematography. ‘Dunkirk’ is possibly the most original WWII combat film in the last twenty years.

Buy Dunkirk from Amazon

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Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 is one of few sequels that receive better reviews than the original one. This captivating movie is packed with stunning visual effects, music and acting.

Buy Blade Runner 2049 from Amazon

The LEGO Batman 

The LEGO Batman as reviewed by us: ‘Nerd gold. That’s about the best way to describe what you get with The LEGO Batman Movie, a film that doesn’t have the narrative heart and soul of the terrific The LEGO Movie, but is more than willing to compensate by giving you a blast of Batman geekery that’s hard to resist.’

Buy The LEGO Batman Movie now from Amazon

Beauty and the Beast

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The first animated film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, the 1991 original is regarded as one of the very finest Disney animated features. Now its remake is one of Disney’s newest and most successful live action films.

Buy Beauty & The Beast now from Amazon

The Dark Tower

Based on Stephen King’s best-selling collection of eight novels, it promised to be the sci-fi horror fantasy western that is definitely worth a watch for all Stephen King’s book and film fans. 

Buy The Dark Tower now from Amazon

Merry Christmas chums! 

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