Christmas 2016: our geeky merchandise gift guide

Get your hands on some glorious geeky loot this Christmas, including Game Of Thrones Monopoly!

From Funko Pops to geeky accessories, there’s nothing nerdier than receiving a random slice of movie or TV memorabilia at Christmas time. So, even if there is no space left in your home for merchandise and swag, you’ll hopefully find something you love on this list, for yourself or someone nerdy in your life…

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Death Star Ice Cubes

That’s no moon, it’s a space station-shaped ice cube! Rogue One – A Star Wars Story is set to be this Christmas’s biggest movie, and what better way could there be to mark the occasion than constructing your own technological terrors out of frozen water? This is an ideal little stocking filler for the Star Wars nut in your life, but be warned: you really can’t repel coolness of this magnitude.

But the Death Star Ice Cube Tray on Amazon

Death Trooper Mug

Or if you’d rather propose a toast to the first galactic Empire while holding a hot beverage, why not pick up this Death Trooper mug? It’s not known whether the Death Troopers will pause for a cuppa in Rogue One at any point, but, um… they probably won’t. That might be for the best: if they’re anything like normal Stormtroopers, accurately targeting mugs towards their own mouths could be a struggle. 

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Buy the Death Trooper Mug on Amazon

Funko Pops

N’awwwwww! Isn’t that the cutest little Darth Vader you’ve ever seen? In compliance with the laws of movie merchandise, Funko are bring out a new range of adorable little figures to tie in with the release of Rogue One. This includes Jyn Erso, Darth Vader and K-2SO (all pictured above), among many more. You can see all of them by clicking here

Buy Jyn Erso or Darth Vader or K-2SO in Funko Pop form on Amazon


LEGO and Star Wars has long been a beautiful pairing, and the release of Rogue One is all set to reiterate that for us once again. The set that really has my attention is the U-wing, a model of the new Rebel craft that we’ve glimpsed in the trailers, with the bear-like Bistan shooting out of its hatch. It looks like a challenge, in a good way. 

Buy the LEGO U-Wing on Amazon, or check out more Rogue One sets

Pop-Up Darth Vader

If you’ve ever played Pop-Up Pirate and wished it had at least one Sith Lord in it, this is the game for you. The pirate is now Darth Vader, the swords are lightsabers and the barrel is an ominous black tomb. The fun, we assume, will remain the same. And if Darth Vader himself turns up on Christmas day, just remember – he’ll feel your presents.  

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Buy Pop-Up Darth on Amazon

R2-D2 kitchen stuff

For the person in your life who loves baking and bleep-bloop sound effects in equal measure, there seems to be an awful lot of R2-D2 kitchenware on the market this year. This includes the oven gloves and timer pictured as well as a natty apron. Just try not to get any globs of grease on the little fella.

Buy the R2-D2 oven gloves and/or kitchen timer on Amazon


Captain America: Civil War LEGO

As it stands, Captain America: Civil War is the biggest box office hit of the year. It’s DVD will probably end up in a few stockings, as will its assortment of merch. A particular favourite of mine is the Superhero Airport Battle set, featuring tonnes of iconic characters and a quinjet. And you event get Giant Man, who’s inclusion in this set let the cat out of the bag long before the film came out. It didn’t really spoil the fun of this epic scene, though. 

Buy the Superhero Airport Battle on Amazon, or check out other LEGO Marvel sets

Batman eggcup

Strike fear into the hearts of breakfast table criminals this Christmas with this Batman eggcup, complete with a batarang soldiers maker! This is one of those things you don’t you need until you see it. If you do get one, just watch out for Bat-breakfast’s biggest enemy – The Yolker.

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Buy the Batman eggcup on Amazon

Cap’s shield chopping board

This isn’t freedom, this is finely chopped onions. This chopping board – made of glass, not vibranium, sadly – is the ideal piece of kitchen merch for any Marvel fan. Chop on it, prepare wonderful meals, but don’t chuck it around like a Frisbee, no matter how tempting it might be. That’s what Hasbro’s Captain America ‘flying shield’ is for.

Buy the Captain America chopping board on Amazon

Cuddly heroes

If there are any youngsters who you’re trying to recruit into the superhero fandom, a few little plush toys can go a long way. Amazon has a massive selection, and we’ve picked some of our favourites for the picture above. The Funko Mopeez of Harley Quinn and Spider-Man are super cute, and Marvel’s plush toy Groot is exactly what the world needs right now.

Buy Harley, Groot and/or Spidey in plush form on Amazon 

S.T.A.R. Labs jumper

Show your love for the Arrowverse with a replica S.T.A.R. Labs jumper! Fans of The Flash will spot you a mile off, while the great uninitiated masses might actually think you’re a brain box scientist who loves branded jumpers from their workplace. It’s a win-win, really, unless anyone comes up to you with a science question and your knowledge only stretches to half-remembered GCSE lessons.

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Buy a S.T.A.R. Labs jumper on Amazon 


For your jewellery-loving chum who was charmed by Doctor Strange’s bling: an Eye of Agamotto necklace. For your friend who wears a suit to work and is a total hero to you: Superman cufflinks. To whomever you deem worthy of the power of Thor: a Mjolnir key ring. You really can’t go wrong with a superhero accessory.

Buy the Superman cufflinks, the Thor key ring and/or the Doctor Strange necklace on Amazon 

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them


Newt Scamander rocked a yellow and grey Hufflepuff scarf throughout Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, and now you can too. Cinereplicas are already selling an official version. Replica wands from the movie are on sale now as well. That’s Newt’s one above, and others are available too. Ability to cast spells tragically not included. 

Buy Newt’s scarf and/or wand on Amazon

Fantastic Funkos

We all know that the Niffler was the real star of Fantastic Beasts, and thankfully he’s got his own Funko Pop figure, so you can (sort of) have your own one. Newt and Tina and all the other main characters have them too, but we all know it’s the Niffler we really want. Don’t leave him alone with all your expensive stuff, though. 

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Buy Newt, Tina and/or the Niffler on Amazon 

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Reckon you’re a mega fan of J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world? Well, it’s time to put your trivia knowledge where your mouth is. Trivial Pursuit now has a Harry Potter-themed incarnation, the perfect way to find out who’s the biggest Potterhead among your friends and family. It’s cheating if you sneak a peek at the answers and obliviate anyone who spots you.

Buy the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit set on Amazon

Star Trek

Enterprise bottle opener

Are you prepared to boldly open bottles where no one has opened bottles before? Then you’ll need this U.S.S. Enterprise bottle opener! Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s an officially licenced product based on the NCC-1701 model ship from the original series, if you were wondering. Romulan ale sold separately.

Buy the Enterprise bottle opener on Amazon

Tribble plush

In no way would this look weird on your shelf. An electronic, noise-making Tribble replica plush would actually tie the room together really nicely, I reckon. Officially licensed, and comes in a variety of colours. 

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Buy yourself some Tribbles on Amazon

Vulcan oven gloves

Live long and prosper in the kitchen with this snazzy Star Trek oven glove, inspired by a certain Mr Spock and his Vulcan traditions. Perfect for cooking up a Trekkie brekkie. Arf.

Buy the Spock oven glove on Amazon


Holtzmann Funko

There are plenty of Ghostbusters Funko Pops on the market, but I wager that one will one of them will be selling particularly well this Chrimbo: Kate McKinnon’s Holtzmann was far and away the breakout fan favourite of this year’s Ghostbusters reboot, and as such she’s got two Funkos to chose from. You can get Holtzmann with or without Ecto-1. The choice is yours.

Buy Holtzmann with or without the car on Amazon

Stay Puft Mug

Drink a tasty beverage out of Stay Puft’s head with this natty official mug. For extra fun, as you’re taking a sip, imagine to yourself that you’re slurping out his chocolaty marshmallow-y brains. If, erm, that’s your kind of thing. 

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Buy the Stay Puft mug on Amazon

Slime travel mug

Or if you like taking your hot drinks to go, why not get your mitts around this slime-tastic Ghostbusters tie-in instead? The comical design makes it look like you’re drinking some sickly slime, or one of those healthy smoothie things. Expect to receive some interesting looks. 

Buy the slimy travel mug on Amazon

The best of TV

Game Of Thrones board games

When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. Thankfully, the same rules don’t apply with the series’ ever-growing collection of tie-in board games. Game Of Thrones versions of Monopoly, Risk and Cluedo are now up for sale, as is the show’s very own trivia game. Is it presumptuous of me to assume that it’s always a Lannister who did the killing in Cluedo? 

Buy Game Of Thrones Monopoly, Risk, Cluedo and/or The Trivia Game on Amazon. Oh, and there’s also a quiz book 

Tyrion mug

When Tyrion Lannister said “I drink and I know things”, I doubt he was talking about enjoying a nice cup of English Breakfast tea of a morning. But still, this mug is the perfect gift of any person who’s interests include watching Game Of Thrones and drinking hot beverages. It would be particularly perfect for know-it-alls. 

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Buy the Tyrion mug on Amazon

TARDIS mug with lid

Fed up of your tea always going cold before you remember to drink it? Let The Doctor help with that. This TARDIS mug comes with this new fangled addition called a ‘lid’, which will help trap that heat in for longer. Also, it’s a ruddy nice-looking mug, which would look lovely in any Whovian’s kitchen cupboard.

Buy the Doctor Who lidded mug on Amazon

Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit

Over a hundred Doctor Who-themed question cards await within this special edition of Trivial Pursuit. Test your knowledge of the mad man in the box’s fifty-plus years of timey-wimey antics and compete against your friends to decide who would make the best Time Lord/companion/Face of Boe/whatever it is you’d like to be.

Buy Doctor Who Trivial Pursuit on Amazon

The Walking Dead board games

The Walking Dead has its own collection of board games too, because nothing says zombie apocalypse like organised fun and following the rules. As well as versions of Monopoly and Risk, The Walking Dead also has two of its own games: The Walking Dead Board Game (where your character can turn into a walker and stalk your friends) and The Walking Dead: The Best Defence (all about taking and protecting locations).

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Buy The Walking Dead Board Game, The Best Defence, Monopoly and/or Risk on Amazon 

The Walking Dead Replica Lucille

Ah, the gift that keeps on giving. Giving you horrific flashbacks to The Walking Dead‘s season 7 premiere that is. For the full Walking Dead experience, buy this one ages in advance and announce loudly that you’re going to give it to one of your friends. Keep them worried and speculating for months before revealing who gets to meet Lucille on Christmas day.

Buy Lucille on Amazon

Have a great Christmas, folks!