Blood Car review

Carl thoroughly enjoyed Blood Car - a film that proposes a slightly problematic solution to the current fuel crisis

Indie is an understatement. On watching this, we recognized no-one, but on going over the cast list again, we found out that My Girl’s Anna Chlumsky is actually in it, but to be fair, it’s the biggest name you’re going to find on this very small, very bloody horror film from newcomer Alex Orr.

After a brief introduction from an FBI agent about how fuel prices are the highest they’ve ever been (roughly 36 dollars a gallon as we find out later), the story starts as we see Archie, a vegan kindergarten teacher, gathering ‘fuel’ for an experiment. The Fuel is actually weed grass juice, and Archie is trying to create a car that will run on it as fuel. He tries and tries with little success: only when he cuts his finger and his blood mixes with the experiment does the experiment work.

Of course, it’s a start, but where does it go from there? Well, let’s just say that he converts his boot into a slaughterhouse of sorts, with a set of giant spinning blades to chop the meat he throws in and pulverise it for its blood, which can be utilised for fuel. It starts as he kills small animals, obviously feeling terrible considering his background, and then grows to a more sinister idea, as the animals do not give out enough blood. Yes, he kills people. Blood goes everywhere. It’s very simple.

Still, for being a simple idea, the script is incredibly well written, and the comedy element is particularly awesome. The title speaks for itself – but the film says even more. It’s a piece of time-wasting brilliance. It’s one of those films that become great cult hits – it may not have an outstanding amount of intelligence behind it, but it’s very witty and the makes clearly demonstrate their love for the genre. You just can’t fight it.

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All the actors hand in a good effort and even the smallest jokes were getting belly laughs. Happily, it doesn’t seem like Alex Orr is giving up on this kind of movie any time soon, with talk of some more ridiculously retarded films to come very soon. No-one could be happier than me, the more the merrier!

All in all, Blood Car is a brilliant film, and it was a great way to end my first night at the festival, especially since I got a free t-shirt! Good times.


4 out of 5