Avengers: Endgame Shows Captain Marvel and Thor Friendship

The only light moment in the Avengers: Endgame involves Thor and Captain Marvel.

In the latest Avengers: Endgame trailer, we finally got our first glimpse of Captain Marvel interacting with an Avenger in the MCU. In this case, it’s Carol Danvers and Thor. A stoic Carol looks on as Thor calls his new and improved hammer (axe?), which whooshes right past her, mussing up her hair a bit. Apparently unflappable even in the face of the Norse god and his famed hammer, Captain Marvel merely smirks.

“I like this one,” the Asgardian says with a laugh, and I’m instantly ready for a Thor and Carol buddy cop movie, or a Thor/Valkyrie/Carol side quest of literally any kind. Widow’s there too, though we don’t get to see Natasha and Carol interact just yet.

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Considering how heavy the rest of the trailer (rather appropriately) is, the Thor/Carol duo understandably has people excited. Both are on an intergalactic walkabout and have shown a snarky levity in their movies and comics that could make for some crackling on-screen fun. Not to mention, they could very well be the two strongest Avengers (sorry, Hulk).

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These two have more than just a little comics history, going all the way back to her days as Ms. Marvel. Things have come a long way since then and the pair have served on the Avengers together on multiple occasions. Thor was fighting by Carol’s side along with the rest of the Avengers when she took on Yon-Rogg during her emotionally devastating story arc “The Enemy Within,” something which wouldn’t make a bad Captain Marvel 2 if they decided to go that route.

Also, this moment from that comic is priceless…

Thor and Captain Marvel in Marvel Comics

But not all of their time together in the comics has been happy – Thor was part of the Avengers when they allowed Carol’s brainwasher and rapist, Marcus, to take her away as though it was a happy and healthy relationship, something that Carol had a hard time forgiving when she eventually fought her way free of Marcus’ grip. The trauma from those events are part of what led to Carol’s drinking problem when she eventually returned to the Avengers, and Thor was part of the team that tried to vote her out because she wouldn’t seek help.

Thor and Captain Marvel in Marvel Comics

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But back to the MCU, Kevin Feige has made no secret of the fact that Captain Marvel is the strongest person in the MCU, and Brie Larson told Buzzfeed Brazil that Captain Marvel can “definitely” lift Thor’s hammer. So far no one else in the MCU has been able to, so that’s sure to make some serious waves if it happens on screen. What is it about Carol Danvers that makes her worthy when so many others (including Steve Rogers) have fallen short? And did Larson mean Mjolnir or perhaps just this new version, Stormbreaker?

Hammer-worthiness aside, Thor and Carol are sure to be a lethal combination. The God of Thunder, after all, commands electricity, while Captain Marvel’s powers are derived from her ability to absorb a massive wave of energy and wield it as photon blasts. In the comics, she’s used the energy from enemies or a nearby power source like a star or a white hole to level up her powers to a Binary level – might Thor be able to super-charge Captain Marvel beyond what we already saw in her solo movie?

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In any case, Thanos is toast!

Avengers: Endgame opens on April 26.