14 futuristic bank holiday bargains, from Amazon

Amazon's Shop The Future campaign is bringing you loads of bank holiday bargains on futuristic electrical goodies...

Amazon has launched a huge heap of new offers in honour of the bank holiday weekend. 

The campaign is known as Shop The Future, and it covers an awful lot of cool, electrical and somewhat futuristic items. We collected some of the most geek-friendly stuff that’s been reduced, and put it into a handy list for you. Happy shopping, folks…

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WOWOTO Mini Projector

There’s nothing quite like a projected image, is there? This trendy item lets you bring that cinema magic into your home, boasting a whopping 30,000 hours of bulb life. You can use WiFi or Bluetooth to stream from your laptop, phone or tablet, or connect up to a Blu-ray player using the HDMI slot. This is currently priced at £183.96, which is 54% less than the RRP of £399.98. Click here to go to the product page.

Amazon Echo

If you’re not talking to a box and telling it do things, you’re not living in the future. The Echo, tied in with the Alexa voice recognition software, is Amazon’s super smart speaker system. It can answer questions, search the web, recite your appointments, play music for you and much more. You’ve probably seen the adverts.

The Amazon Echo is currently priced at £99. That’s a 33% reduction from the RRP of £149.99. This is your chance to move into the future!

LG 65 inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV

Look at this beautiful, massive TV! 65 inches of Ultra HD 4K glory, offering the best and brightest images available on the modern market, could be yours for a very reduced price over the bank holiday weekend. This cutting edge smart telly – which also has Freeview built in – is usually priced at £1,949.99. Today, you can get it for just £999. Click here to go to the product page.

Toshiba 55-Inch Ultra HD LED Smart TV

If that previous telly is a bit too big for your house or too costly for your price range, this Toshiba one might be of interest. It’s got Smart TV features as well as built-in Freeview, and it has Ultra HD 4K quality too. And at 55 inches, it’s still pretty huge. It would normally cost you £599.99, but Amazon is knocking a hundred quid off for the bank holiday, making its current price £499.99. More info can be found at this link.

LG 4K Ultra HD HDR Blu-Ray Player

If you’ve been holding off on buying an Ultra HD Blu-ray player, waiting for the prices to drop – this is the moment you’ve been waiting for! This sleeky and shiny LG number, which would look mightily impressive on any TV stand, is now going for £199.99. That’s 43% off the RRP of £349.99. To bring the highest quality of disc definition into your home, click here and make a purchse.

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LG LOUDR Home Theatre Speaker System

Phwoar. Look at it! This LG sound system features come with the four ‘tall boy speakers’, the majestic pillars that will hold up a superior quality of audio excellence in your living room. There’s also a 3D Blu-ray player included with the package, as well as some smart WiFi features. When you need to keep the noise down, you can use ‘Private Sound Mode’ to send audio to your phone. this super smart system is currently priced at £389. That’s 35% less than the RRP of £599.99. Click to here to find out more.

LG Smart Sound Soundbar, Wireless with Metallic Design

Another snazzy sound system, here. If you don’t quite have room for four pillars in your front room, this item offers an alternate way to boost your sound quality. As well as connecting to your telly, it also uses WiFi to link up with your other devices. It’ll subtly sit on your TV stand without overpowering the room, and it could be yours for £199.99. That’s 50% off the RRP of £399.99. Click here for the product page.

Wacom Intuos Pro Graphics Tablet

Ideal for illustrators and graphic designers, this Wacom tablet is a thing of beauty. Once it’s connected up to your computer, you can work away, using the multi-touch sensor to craft intricate images. I’m no expert, but this one has a lot of positive reviews. Must be decent. It’s currently priced at £161.99, which is 30% less than the RRP of £229.99. Click here for the product page.

iOTA ONE, 10.1-Inch 2-in-1 Laptop

Again, you’ve probably seen the adverts for things like this. It’s a laptop and a tablet. You can remove the keyboard and use it as a touch-screen tablet, or whack the keyboard on there and use the touch pad thing to use it like a computer! It also includes the mobile versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint, allowing you to work on the go in futuristic style. It’s currently priced at £139.99, which is 26% less than the RRP of £189.99. Here’s the link to find out more.

Garmin DriveAssist Satellite Navigation System

If your current SatNav is a relic of a bygone age, utterly useless at getting you from A to B, it’s probably time for an upgrade. This Garmin DriveAssist is a top of the range item, which uses live traffic info and comes with a built-in dash cam. It also uses wireless magic to send your mobile notifications to the SatNav screen. Very snazzy. It’s currently priced at £159.99, which is 47% less than the RRP of £299.99. The product page link is here.

Crazybaby Mars Levitation Bluetooth Stereo Speaker

Here’s one of those inventions you didn’t know you needed: a levitating wireless speaker! Using Bluetooth, this item allows you to play music with 360-degree surround sound audio, streamed from your phone, tablet, laptop, or whatever. It also looks damn cool, and it could be yours for £279.20. That’s 20% off the RRP of £349. Click here for more.

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KLIM Cool Universal Gaming Laptop PC Cooler

Want to make your laptop cooler, in a literal sense? If your laptop overheats and sounds like it’s going to explode every time you load up a game (I know mine does), this could be the item for you. All you have to do is plug it in. It’ll do the rest, measuring your laptop’s heat and ciphoning out hot air when necessary. The numerous positive reviews speak for themselves. The price is currently £18.32, which is 58% less than the RRP of £43.90. Click here for the product page.

Merge VR – Virtual Reality Headset for iPhone and Android

One of the cheapest ways to get involved with the VR craze, this Merge headset couples with your smartphone to bring you into immersive 360 environments. The product page – which you can find here – suggests that it’s ideal for anyone above the age of 10. The price is currently £40.79, which is 41% less than the RRP of £69.49.

Flexound HUMU Smart Cushion

Tired of your plain old dumb-ass cushions? If so, it’s time to invest in a smart one! Jokes aside, this product is pretty cool: it’s essentially a speaker and a pilow combined, allowing you to wirelessly connect a device and hear it’s audio output through your nice comfy cushion. Apparently, it’s ideal for “meditation, relaxation and mindfulness”. It could be yours for £230.33, which is 14% off the RRP of £269. The product page is here.

The prices on this list were accurate at the time of going to print, but they may change over the weekend. You can keep up with the latest ‘Shop The Future’ deals at this web page