100 Years — The Movie You Will Never See Will Almost Be Seen At Cannes

You might have to wait a bit for the next John Malkovich movie.

John Malkovich just cemented his place as the actor with the strangest resume. The man who only had a supporting role in a movie called Being John Malkovich will next star in a movie that won’t hit theaters for a hundred years. The movie opens on Nov. 18, 2115. Reserve your tickets now.

100 Years — The Movie You Will Never See imagines what Earth will look like 100 years from now. It is almost unimaginable that no one might go see it.

100 Years – The Movie You Will Never See was directed by Robert Rodriguez and it will premiere this month at the Cannes Film Festival. It won’t be shown, it will just premiere there. What will be shown will be the safe that contains the film. The safe will then go on tour around the world. Kind of like Elvis Presley sent his pink Cadillac on tour instead of performing in the sixties.

“To ensure that 100 Years remains secure until its official premiere,” according to the press release, 100 Years — The Movie You Will Never See will be “held in a special safe that will open automatically in 100 years when the timing is complete.”

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After the tour the film will be housed in Cognac, France and the Louis XIII cellars.

“100 Years starring John Malkovich is clearly an innovative cinematographic project. I hope that our descendants will consider the movie 100 Years for the Palme d’Or at Cannes Film Festival in 2116,” Thierry Frémaux, general delegate of Cannes Film Festival, said in a statement.

100 Years – The Movie You Will Never See was announced in November with a series of trailers and featurettes. It was made in conjunction with Louis XIII cognac.

 “Part of the notion inherent in this is for us to try to imagine what the world will be like in 100 years,” Malkovich says in a behind the scenes trailer which features flying cars and neon lights.

“I was intrigued by the whole concept of working on a film that would be locked away for a hundred years,” Rodriguez told Indiewire last year. “They even gave me silver tickets for my descendants to be at the premiere in Cognac in 2115. How cool is that? What John and I wanted it to be was a work of timeless art that can be enjoyed in 100 years. I’m very proud of it even if only my great grandkids and hopefully my clone will be around to watch.”

The Cannes Film Festival will take place May 11 to 22.