Zelda Fans Find Wind Waker Easter Egg in Breath of the Wild

Has Wind Waker's starting island been hiding in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild?

It seems that one of Breath of the Wild‘s best Easter eggs has escaped detection for quite some time as fans have noticed that the game’s Lurelin Village area shares a shocking resemblance with The Wind Waker starting area, Outset Island.

This Easter egg was spotted and shared by the GameXplain YouTube channel who posted a video showcasing the similarities between Lurelin Village and Outset Island. To be fair, the two are not identical twins. There are some noticeable differences between the locations which suggest that it wasn’t Nintendo’s intentions to suggest that this is actually supposed to be the same village from The Wind Waker, but the similarities are fascinating. 

For instance, the two share the same basic layout, the same design style of the huts, and some geographical landmarks which really should serve as the first sign of deja vu for any longtime Zelda fans. Once someone has pointed out the similar features between the two, it’s certainly hard not to notice them. 

So how did these similarities escape detection for so long? Well, some fans have pointed out that Lurelin Village isn’t exactly the most popular location in Breath of the Wild in the first place. Strictly speaking, there’s not much reason to ever visit it if you’re just trying to see the end of the game, and we’re willing to bet that most players who did visit it didn’t exactly linger long enough to make a mental map of the place. 

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Of course, it’s entirely possible (even likely), that someone else did spot this Easter egg and either didn’t share it or just didn’t have as big of an online presence to ensure that everyone else became of aware of their findings. It also seems likely that this is a strict Easter egg and not some kind of tip of the hat that these two are actually the same location. 

All things considered, though, it’s pretty amazing that Breath fo the Wild has managed to hide such secrets for so long considering that so many people have spent the last couple of years talking about it and combing it for fresh secrets. This should certainly give fans an excuse to dive back into the game while they wait (and wait, and wait) for Breath of the Wild 2 to be released