Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game Gets Spring Content Release Dates

A ton of content is set to hit the Yu-Gi-Oh! scene throughout the spring.

Konami Digital Entertainment has revealed a new series of Yu-Gi-Oh! CCG releases that are set to debut throughout the spring.

It starts with the release of the Structure Deck: Mechanized Madness deck. Here’s what Konami has to say about the strategy and design of this new deck.

“Machina Gearframe and Machina Fortress once stood at the center of grand Machine armies, bolstering classic tournament themes like Gadgets and Geargia,” says Konami Digital Entertainment via a recent press release. “Shaking off the rust and ready to shine again, the Machina are back in Structure Deck: Mechanized Madness! Gearframe and Fortress return, but this time there’s a new commander calling the shots: Machina Citadel! Unleash it by first placing it in your Graveyard, then revive it with its effect: whenever an EARTH Machine under your control is destroyed, you can Special Summon Machina Citadel to the field. From there, its 3000 ATK can run roughshod over your opponent’s Life Points, and its ability lets your hurl a Machine-type you control at your opponent’s monsters; that monster will be destroyed, but so will every opposing monster with equal or lower ATK!”

The Mechanized Madness deck sets are set to release on April 16. The fun continues in May with the release of the Eternity Code booster packs.

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“Eternity Code brings new support for Ignition Assault themes like Ancient Warriors, Plunder Patroll and the Ignisters!,” says Konami regarding this booster pack series. “The game has changed, giving Duelists more ways to make the most of their Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Monsters. With countless competitors looking to leverage fan-favourite strategies, Eternity Code brings amazing legacy support for time-tested themes like Dinosaurs, Madolches and Witchcrafters, plus new classics like Dragonmaids and Code Talkers. If you collected cards from Rising Rampage, Chaos Impact, The Infinity Chasers, Fists of the Gadgets and Mystic Fighters, you’ll find new cards for some of the strongest strategies in those releases. Eternity Code has new cards for some of the biggest retro themes from Duel Overload too, making it easy to flesh out your Deck.”

Konami states that they are hoping to offer a preview of the Eternity Code content at Official Tournament Stores around April 25 or 26, but the spread of the coronavirus could impact the specifics. It sounds like the plan is to fully release the set in stores starting on April 30.

Finally, Speed Duel starter decks are set to hit stores starting on May 14 while the Secret Slayers booster set has been delayed from April 2 to April 16 as a result of the spread of the coronavirus.

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