WWE 2K20 Crashed Due to Strange New Year Glitch

The hilarious shortcomings of WWE 2K20 continue with this strange coding error.

WWE 2K20 glitch

WWE 2K20 isn’t having a very good new year as fans have discovered a bizarre glitch in the game that apparently causes it to crash because of an incompatibility with the year 2020.

This honestly hilarious story begins at the start of the new year when wrestling fans tried to load WWE 2K20 and couldn’t help but notice that the game kept crashing regardless of the mode that they played it in. Some people were even unable to access the game at all after it crashed. The biggest takeaway here is that this glitch wasn’t just affecting a few people. It was happening to everyone who tried to play the game. 

Don’t ask us how this happened, but some users pieced this whole thing together and discovered that if you change your console’s internal clock back to the year 2019, you could play WWE 2K20 again. Yes, it appears that WWE 2K20 suffered from a glitch that caused it to crash when it was being played in the year 2020. That’s just…incredible.

To be fair, 2K has already pushed a hotfix that corrects the issue and lets you play WWE 2K20 without having to reset your console’s internal clock. The problem was actually fixed not long after it was discovered. 

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Still, how does this happen? The easiest guess is that this problem has something to do with the fact that most of this series’ code is carried over from previous installments and that this glitch was the result of the sometimes shoestring way that these annual installments are typically assembled. 

Of course, this isn’t the first time that WWE 2K20‘s coding has led to hilarious consequences. The game’s launch was mired by a series of significant glitches that also rendered it essentially unplayable for many users. Let’s hope wrestling fans eventually get a modern game that captures the glory days of wrestling’s most beloved video game adaptations as well as some of the better ideas of the most underrated wrestling titles ever

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