Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Release Time: When Will the Game Be Playable?

Waiting for Team Ninja’s next Soulslike title based on Eastern mythology and history? Here's when Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be released for PlayStation, PC, Xbox, and Game Pass.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty
Photo: Koei Tecmo

In 2017, Team Ninja showcased their Soulslike chops with Nioh: a samurai-themed adventure that implemented dungeon crawler loot to the mix. In 2020, Team Ninja released a sequel, Nioh 2, but instead of developing a Nioh 3, the studio started developing a spiritual successor set in the Chinese Three Kingdoms period, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. After several demos, Team Ninja’s latest spin on Soulslike gameplay is almost ready for release.

According to the official website, Wo Long will launch this Friday, March 3. As with many other games these days, Wo Long will allegedly launch via a staggered schedule tied to each region’s timezone. Audiences won’t get to start playing Wo Long until midnight in their respective regions, with the exception of gamers on the West Coast, who get to start at 9 pm PST. While gamers who purchased a physical copy will have to wait until stores open on March 3rd (or hope their retailer holds a midnight release party), anyone who bought the game digitally or has an active Xbox Game Pass subscription can start playing at midnight on the dot. Currently, only Xbox owners can pre-load Wo Long (no word on when or if PC and PlayStation gamers can download the game ahead of launch).

Of course, that release schedule means that you can use the fabled “New Zealand trick” to play the game early by changing your console’s region. You can read more about that trick right here.

If Friday, March 3 can’t come soon enough, we feel your pain. But more importantly, you can spend the time honing your skills in the final Wo Long demo. This sampling runs players through the game’s first two chapters, and while online multiplayer is disabled, participants can transfer their save data to the retail version of the game. Moreover, anyone who clears the first chapter will unlock the “Crouching Dragon Helmet” in their copy of Wo Long. Anyone who wants the helmet will have to act fast since the demo will only be available until March 27th. Well, technically March 26, 11:59 pm. Now all that’s missing is a “Hidden Tiger Chestguard.” 

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Speaking of unlocks, Wo Long includes some pre-order bonuses in the form of armor. Anyone who buys the physical game will receive the leonine Baihu Armor set, while digital pre-orders will include the Baihu Armor and the phoenix-like Zhuque Armor. Wo Long also has some special editions, such as the SteelBook Launch Edition which includes codes for the Baihu Armor and two helmets: the Crown of Zhurong and the Crown of Gonggong. As is standard for games these days, Koei Tecmo is also offering a Digital Deluxe Edition. This ultimate version includes the digital version’s pre-order bonuses, a Digital Art Book, Digital Mini Soundtrack, and a Season Pass, which also comes with the draconian Qinglong Armor.

Are you excited for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty? What’s your favorite playstyle and weapon? And did you qualify for the Crouching Dragon helmet yet? We would love to know.