Wasteland Remastered Confirmed with Release Date

inXile Entertainment is bringing the original Wasteland to modern platforms soon.

Wasteland Remastered artwork

The developers from inXile Entertainment have announced that Wasteland Remastered is coming to Xbox One and PC. This is your confirmation, then, that the much-loved first game in the Wasteland franchise is all set to make a big comeback.

Fans will remember that the original Wasteland was a post-apocalyptic role-playing game that launched in 1988, with Interplay being the original developers and EA taking on publishing duties. The game was designed for the Apple II home computer, but it was soon ported to the Commodore 64 and MS-DOS. More recent re-releases have already brought the original build of the game to modern PCs, but now a fully-fledged remaster is on the cards.

The team at inXile became custodians of Wasteland as a brand and made its belated 2014 sequel, Wasteland 2. They are also releasing Wasteland 3 later this year. And now, having apparently been asked about a remaster of the original for quite some time, they’ve confirmed that it’s coming.

“The RPG classic rises from the nuclear ashes on February 25,” says an official statement on the inXile website. Wasteland Remastered is apparently envisioned as “an overhaul of the 1988 title” that will bring with it new graphics, audio and music, as well as digitizing the original game’s physical paragraphs book with brand new artwork.

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There is a bit of a catch, though: if you’re a Nintendo Switch or PS4-based gamer, you won’t be able to get involved with this one. Wasteland Remastered is coming to PC (via Steam, Windows Store, GOG) and Xbox One (where it will launch on Xbox Game Pass) on February 25, but it won’t be coming to Switch or PS4 as fas we know. Given that inXile was acquired by Microsoft in 2018, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise.

But still, for fans of the original game, it’s cool to know that Wasteland is getting the modernised remake that it deserves. We’ll be sure to share the first Wasteland Remastered trailer when it arrives.