Waluigi’s Taco Stand Goes From Nintendo 64 Meme to Real

The mythical meme about lost Nintendo 64 game Waluigi's Taco Stand just got real.

Today on “Internet People With Way Too Much Time on Their Hands,” we bring you someone who is trying to perpetuate an internet meme involving Waluigi and a lost N64 game in which he runs a taco stand.

It seems that there’s a running joke amongst the…let’s go with “lovable” hardcore Nintendo fanbase involving an N64 game called Waluigi’s Taco Stand. This game never actually existed, but the joke that Nintendo has hidden its existence from the public has been making the rounds for over a decade now. 

Well, YouTuber and ROM hacker Kaze Emanuar has decided to take the joke a step further by posting the video you see above. Said video is a kind of parody of old N64 game commercials from the ’90s. To be honest, it’s a pretty good one so far as that goes. Obviously, Emanuar also went to the effort of making a fake Waluigi game for the purposes of the footage in the video. 

This story doesn’t end there, though. Emanuar also went to the trouble of posting a video of himself holding the “official packaging” for Waluigi’s Taco Stand for the N64. He’s even auctioning this cartridge on eBay. For reasons that we can’t quite comprehend, the current top bid is over $300. Yes, someone out there is willing to spend over $300 on a meme turned real. 

Believe it or not, there actually seem to be some people who are buying into the possibility that Emanuar has found a legitimately lost N64 game. Considering that Emanuar has left a link for the digital version of this game in one of his YouTube videos, though, it should be pretty obvious that we’re dealing with the works of an admirably dedicated fan.

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The game itself doesn’t look like much more than a slightly rough modified take on Super Mario 64, but hey, it seems that people can’t get enough of Waluigi. 

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