Upcoming Nintendo Switch games for October and November

From ghouls to Pokémon, there's an upcoming Nintendo Switch game for every mood...

The Nintendo Switch has quickly become a haven for games both big and small, with its immense library of indie titles offering perfect counter-programming to go with the big Triple-A releases.

One downside of this, if you could even call it a downside, is that there are so many games launching on Switch at any given point that it’s hard to know which ones are worth playing. Much like the Netflix homepage, you could spend days scrolling through the Nintendo eShop, paralysed by the sheer volume of choice.

And while the best Nintendo Switch games are pretty much household names, you don’t want to miss out on your potential new favourites when they launch. To save you from that peril, we’ve rounded up some upcoming Nintendo Switch games that are well worth checking out.

Read on to discover our top tips for upcoming Nintendo Switch games in October and November 2019…

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Overwatch Legendary Edition

15 October

Blizzard’s team-based shooter, which initially launched in May 2016, is finally making its way onto Switch! You’ll be able to choose from a diverse cast of heroes to take on enemies and visit iconic locations, just as you can on every other platform that supports the game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

15 October

A truly impressive indicator of what the Nintendo Switch can do, The Witcher 3 is getting a release on the handheld console in October. We played a demo at Gamescom 2019, and it was amazing to see the scope of this world and the graphical fidelity of these characters somehow being crammed into this tiny device. We look forward to playing this one on our commute and feeling like we’re living in the future, although it’ll be interesting to see how quickly it gobbles up battery power.

Little Town Hero

16 October

Here’s a new one from Game Freak, the developers that have worked on every mainline entry in the Pokémon franchise. In this original RPG, you’ll visit a remote village that is closed off from the rest of the world. You’ll play as a hero that must take on monsters in a bid to escape.

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Ring Fit Adventure

18 October

The Switch is getting a new fitness game, with Ring Fit Adventure seeming to position itself as a sort-of successor to the likes of Wii Fit. In this new title, you’ll battle your way through a fantasy world using fitness moves (like yoga poses and crunches) to power-up your special attacks on-screen. A new peripheral is required to play, and you can click here for more info.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

31 October

The much-loved Luigi’s Mansion franchise is coming to Nintendo Switch this Halloween, with a really fun new feature: as we discussed in our hands-on preview of the game, you can use a slimy version of the protagonist to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Named Gooigi, this new presence adds a whole new dimension to the cutesy puzzle-solving fun. We look forward to exploring more of the mansion.

Pokémon Sword and Shield

15 November

Set in a region that is based on the UK, these new RPG entries in the Pokémon franchise will introduce new critters (one of which looks like an Eton Mess) and ways of battling (including multiplayer raids and massive versions of iconic critters). We can’t wait to get our hands on it, especially with all the potential for weird nods to UK culture.

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Those are our picks for now, folks! If you’re looking for more top tips, check out our list of the best handheld Switch games to play on your commute.