Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Every Class Ranked Worst to Best

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands' six playable classes are all viable, but some classes are simply stronger than others.

TIny Tina's Wonderlands
Photo: 2K Games

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is the most RPG-like Borderlands game yet, which means that deciding which character class to play as in the looter shooter is just a little bit harder (and more important) than it’s ever been before.

While it’s certainly possible to enjoy and beat Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands regardless of which class you pick at the start of the game, it’s pretty clear that the developers intended for each class to offer a fairly unique experience. That was obviously a great decision in terms of gameplay variety and replay value, but it also means that you really need to know what you’re getting into before you pick your class. Many of them are designed to be played in a somewhat specific way, and some classes are clearly stronger than others.

So while I encourage you to follow your heart and pick the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands class that you think you’ll have the most fun with, here’s a look at where every class in the game currently stands in terms of their overall power level.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands: Every Class Ranked Worst to Best

6. Clawbringer – An Incredible Multiplayer Companion Who Sometimes Struggles to Set Themselves Apart

Clawbringers are an odd class. They’re basically melee-based tanks that use a massive hammer to deal lightning and fire damage, but they also come with a companion (the Wyvern) who brings extra damage/skills to the table. Clawbringers even offer some incredible buff abilities.

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The problem with Clawbringers is that they’re ultimately trying to do a little too much. It’s nice that they offer a little bit from a few different classes, but their strange combination of abilities never really comes together in a way that leaves you feeling like the elemental warriors that they’re thematically intended to be. There are better melee options, there are better spell options, and there are better companion options. 

However, it really is worth emphasizing that Clawbringers’ versatility and strong buffs do make them the perfect co-op companion. If you’re looking to play through most of the game with a friend, Clawbringers can certainly bring a lot to the party. If you’re playing solo or want to do as much damage as possible, though, then you might want to look elsewhere.

5. Graveborn – A Powerful Spell Slinging Class That Can be Tricky To Learn and Master

As the name suggests, the Graveborn class often dances between life and death. Many of their abilities require them to sacrifice health and convert that lost HP into powerful spells, and they even come with a Demi-Lich companion that offers additional damage options and sacrifice synergies. 

The biggest “problem” with the Graveborn class is that their natural style of play requires them to constantly lose health. You will eventually unlock powerful life leech abilities and other restoration skills that negate that natural risk somewhat, but this class is designed to be vulnerable. Every class suffers from bad decision-making, but no other class punishes bad play as obviously or as often as the Graveborn does.

However, Graveborns’ various synergies and powerful late-game abilities do make them one of the strongest classes in the game…eventually. If you can put up with their steep learning curve and don’t mind relying on your companion from time to time, you’ll probably end up loving what this class has to offer.

4. Stabbomancer – A Stealth Class That Packs a Surprising Punch

If you’re looking at Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands like it’s a D&D game, then it’s best to think of Stabbomancers as Rogues. They’re stealthy, they generate a lot of critical hits, and they can easily rely on quick melee attacks in a pinch. They’re also incredibly fast and benefit from a variety of evasive abilities. 

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Stabbomancers are just a great overall class. They’re fast enough to get out of trouble, and they can effectively rely on a variety of weapon/attack types thanks to their skills that enhance the general effectiveness of your arsenal. Once you get a feel for using their stealth abilities to increase your critical attack chances, you’ll find yourself dishing out a ton of damage and regularly avoiding the very worst incoming attacks. 

If there’s one notable downside to the Stabbomancer class, it’s that they don’t offer a lot of abilities that are incredibly strong on their own. They’re a little more dependent on the quality of their gear and the quality of your own shooter skills than some other classes are. However, those qualities do make them a fantastic choice for veteran solo players. 

3. Brr-Zerker – A Devastating Melee Class The Benefits From Some of the Strongest Elemental Abilities in the Game

As you’ve probably guessed, Brr-Zerkers are all about big melee attacks and frost damage. No other class fares better in the middle of the fray than they do, and no other class is better equipped to deal Cryo damage. Given that Cryo-affected enemies are more vulnerable to melee attacks…well, the synergies speak for themselves. 

That’s ultimately the best thing about the Brr-Zerker class. They offer a fairly straightforward style of play that happens to be absurdly powerful in most situations. While I completely understand if the idea of melee combat in a Borderlands game just doesn’t appeal to you, keep in mind that it is possible to turn the Brr-Zerker into a respectable ranged class through the right combination of skills and gear.

I’d go so far as to say that the Brr-Zerker’s survivability, versatility, and late-game potential make them an ideal choice for new or lapsed players looking to make things slightly easier on themselves. They’re just an incredibly powerful overall option.

2. Spore Warden – An Incredible Ranged Class That Also Comes With One of the Game’s Best Companions

The Spore Warden is a specialized ranged class that comes equipped with an incredibly powerful ethereal bow. While they deal most of their damage at a distance, their poisonous mushroom companion is more than cable of punishing foes who get a little too close. 

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Simply put, Spore Wardens are capable of dishing out tremendous damage in pretty much every situation. Their abilities are strong, their companion is a soft tank, and they even offer a few buffs that they can quickly throw out during co-op sessions. Unless you’re looking for a melee character, you’ll soon find that there is little the Spore Warden can’t do. 

It’s incredibly easy to recommend the Spore Warden to new solo players, co-op players, and anyone looking for one of the most powerful classes in the game. Unless you’re looking to make things more challenging for yourself (or just prefer what another class has to offer), it’s hard to go wrong with the Spore Warden. 

1. Spellshot – An Absurdly Powerful Mage That Can Tear Through the Toughest Fights in Record Time

Spellshots are essentially Tiny Tina Wonderlands’ resident mages. They’re certainly the most capable magic users in the game, but the thing that really separates them from the pack is the fact that they can use their magical abilities to enhance the effectiveness of any gun they equip. 

This class is so powerful that they make me feel just a little bit bad for nearly every other class in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. The fact that Spellshots are the only class that can equip two spells at once is reason enough to pick them, but it’s actually the ways they effortlessly weave magic damage into gunfights that makes them hard to beat. They even come equipped with the ability to temporarily transform enemies into harmless sheep, which means that they rarely have to worry about being overwhelmed at close ranges as mages in other games sometimes do. 

Again, the best reason to not pick the Spellshot is that you’re looking to play as a more advanced and challenging class. Otherwise, you’re going to have a lot of fun storming the castle. 

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