The Omega Sektor review

Rob McLaughlin is the Omega Man. Okay, he's not, but he did go and check out Birmingham's new Omega Sektor...

Having seen the articles and new reports about the new computer gaming arena that would be opening soon in Birmingham I did some ‘research’ this week to find out what all the fuss was about. This new gaming arena is called ‘Omega Sektor’ and takes up the entire space where the old Virgin Megastore used to be, in the centre of Birmingham.

Looking very modern, the entire place is all decked out in chrome, neon and styled around black desks, plasma screens and leather chairs. Downstairs it’s a wide open space that is meant to be a ‘kiddie friendly’ area to surf the web and play games – so there is no GTA, Manhunt or anything 18-rated that can be accessed down there.

Also in this area, there is a canteen being built, as well as a separate deluxe area that can be hired out for things like corporate events. This area has bigger monitors, squishy leather chairs, sofas and a large video screen.

Upstairs offers a Microsoft-sponsored X-box 360 for console lovers. There is also the main gaming arena with a stage and a DJ booth. Around these areas are dotted lots of little pods of computers set up and styled for team playing games. Each of these areas have themes, being sponsored by specific games such as Stalker and Final Fantasy. Also upstairs there is a separate bar area is which was full of bean bags and a huge cinema screen which the guide showing us around will be used for Wii parties, private functions and a nightclub for retro game evenings.

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If you have a half hour to spare then it is definitely worth having a look around, especially if you are a computer game fan. Additionally, it’s free entry at the moment (until the end of August) which is always good!