Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: ARMS’ Min Min Revealed as New Fighter

The next DLC character coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is the noodle-armed warrior Min Min. Heh. That's so ramen.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Min Min
Photo: Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC is like a video gamer’s ultimate guessing game. Who is going to show up next? We’ve seen two whip-wielding vampire hunters, a copycat robot boy, a dream-invading high school vigilante, two martial arts drifters from different publishers, and…probably too many Fire Emblem characters.

Fighters Pass Volume 2 is about to hit the game and it brings the final six DLC characters to the game. And Nintendo has now confirmed that the first new character coming to the game isn’t Waluigi, Sora, Scorpion, Crash Bandicoot, or Abobo. It’s a character from ARMS.

For those who haven’t played it, ARMS was an early first-party Nintendo Switch release in 2017 that can basically be described as a colorful boxing game where everyone has stretchy arms. It’s like an over-the-shoulder fighting game where everyone is a cybernetic Dhalsim on acid. Characters range from a bulky mummy, a skateboarding snake man, a ninja, a mad scientist, a clown, and so on. These fighters take part in brawling tournaments with the occasional basketball or volleyball side-game thrown in there.

Generic hero character Spring Man is already in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an Assist Trophy. But he’s not the one becoming a playable character. Instead, the Smash invitation is going to Min Min, the warrior who proves that you really are what you eat.

Min Min, otherwise known as the Ramen Bomber, is a Chinese teenager who hails from the dojo/restaurant known as the Mintendo Noodle House. With ramen for hair, a literal noodle arm, and a spiral dragon for the other arm, she’s right at home with ARMS’ eclectic roster. Even her home stage is a giant ramen bowl..

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Now she’s going from over-the-shoulder combat to a more traditional side-scroller style. As one would guess, Min Min’s strength is her unmatched reach. Like in ARMS, she can change what kind of fists she fights with, only this time it’s mid-match instead of in-between rounds. With her Final Smash, she gets a little help from her friends and rivals as Spring Man, Ribbon Girl, Ninjara, Master Mummy, Mechanica, and Twintelle lend a long-distance hand.

Interestingly enough, Min Min also retains the control design from ARMS where each fist is controlled by a different button.

Min Min will be released on June 29. She and the Spring Stadium stage are available for $5.99 or you can get the Fighters Pass Volume 2 DLC bundle for $29.99. That will include five more characters and their stages.

We’re also getting a new set of Mii Fighter costumes to go with Min Min. Fellow ARMS fighter Ninjara is one of the costumes, as are Splatoon’s Callie and Marie, Tekken’s Heihachi Mishima, and the iconic Vault Boy from the Fallout series!

Anyway, I would have gone with Dr. Coyle to represent ARMS, but that’s just me.