Street Fighter V: Seth Joins Champion Edition

M. Bison's defiant creation from Street Fighter IV is returning with a new form. Behold the power of the Tanden Engine!

Street Fighter V: Seth

On Feb. 14, Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition upgrades into Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. One of the selling points of the new version of the game is its cast of 40 playable characters. That’s all well and good, but even with the recent release of Gill to the DLC, there are only 39 characters so far.

Enter Capcom Cup 2019. At the end of the tournament, producer Yoshinori Ono stepped out to mess with the fans and tease a new trailer, only to act like he didn’t have one after all. Event host and All Elite Wrestling ring god Kenny Omega came to the rescue by superkicking Ono and releasing the trailer himself.

The 40th fighter will be Seth, the big bad of Street Fighter IV.

It’s rather fitting. The first Street Fighter was a generic tournament where you faced Sagat at the end. Street Fighter II’s tournament featured a plot masterminded by supervillain M. Bison. Street Fighter III was about the coming of narcissistic demigod Gill. Might as well toss in the other final boss while we’re at it.

Seth was one of several genetically engineered dolls created as a potential host body for M. Bison, with the added power of being able to record the attack data of opponents and copy their moves. Seth became self-aware and rebelled. Despite being Bison’s enemy, Seth is just as much a megalomaniac and simply took a branch of Bison’s Shadaloo organization (SIN) and broke it off into its own faction. Although his body was destroyed at the end of Street Fighter IV’s storyline, his brain was left intact and was placed into a more feminine doll body.

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Like father like son, I guess.

At least he gets to keep that sweet Michael McConnohie voice.

Seth will be added on Feb. 14, when Street Fighter V’s next upgrade takes place.

Gavin Jasper writes for Den of Geek and wants an AEW vs. Slam Masters game based on the Ono/Omega confrontation. Read more of his articles here and follow him on Twitter @Gavin4L